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Swim Lessons

So a few of our expat friends live at Villagio Panamby over in Morumbi.  Our beat up banged up car that we bought from an expat was from someone who lived there as well.  It’s one of those mega complexes with tennis courts, and a zillion pools, and playgrounds, and everywhere you look there are kids with babas in white in tow.  We chose not to live there due to the fact that traffic was a pain, and I don’t have a car or driver, and it’s not exactly public transportation friendly.  Not that one would ever have to leave this beauty of a compound, and if you have kids in Graded (the Americas School here), it’s close by.  So we did the next best thing to living there, we’ve got friends there 😉

Saturday was a 3 year old American style birthday.  Food, presents, and some pool time fun.  The last and first time our son dipped his toes in a pool was in Fortaleza at the waterpark. That was more laying on rafts, or walking around in ankle deep kiddie pools. This time, we let him go for it.  We figured the sooner he learns to swim the better. And he did great.

Yes he fell a few times and landed on his back under the water– no crying at all.  But he loved it, he loved jumping into daddy’s arms from the edge of the pool.  I think most of Brasil was in shock and worry that our little one year old was going to die.

So for good measure we decided to see how well our kid did under the water. Dad would count 1-2-3 and then blow in his face and dunk him. Each time he would get super excited and kick his feet and start screeching.  .  He’d come up with the biggest grin on his face kicking in excitement.  See we have video proof… and this video was made after like his 6th dunk.

Either way, Villagio is a beautiful apartment complexes.  The toilets all flush…. with toilet paper in them.  There is central air and heating in each apartment, and the architecture is lovely.  Yeah you’ll definitely pay for all the luxury, but it’s nice luxury to have.  I still like Brooklin Paulista best though, even sans Tennis courts and heated pool.