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Dance monkey dance

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A year and a half into Brasil, and my husband and I still haven’t got dancing. I don’t think he’s really much into dancing, so haven’t pushed it.  My son however, has embraced all things Brasil. From his love of corn (he pretty much has decided that all cans contain corn), to his love of Brasilian music and dance.  I’m quite impressed with his samba footwork.  He’s definitely going to leave Brasil with a few skills.

and a bit more here:



Tan lines and all

It is Carnival prep time.  Due to an unfortunately badly timed work trip, I must leave Brasil during Carnival.  My husband thinks this is fate, who needs a wife during Carnival 😉  I swear he’s more Brasilian than American.

Photo from South America Traveling.

With all of the prep for Carnival, we watched  Caldeirão do Huck as they auditioned their samba dancers for Musa Rio Carnival.  My husband will tell everyone we were taking in some Carnival culture as I will be out-of-town and not get to see it.  I am pretty sure he was taking in all of the naked Brasilian butt.  That’s the main feature of the samba dancer’s outfit… not the glitter, or the feathers.. or the jewels… or heavy makeup, no it’s the butt for sure.  The outfits were all different, from the standard “Carnival” outfit you think of, to a more elaborate glitter covered, bejewelled parrot looking thing.  My husband just leaned over to try to tell me that he thinks the reason they are all barely dressed is so that we can experience the true beauty of how difficult the dance is…. ahem, my eyes are rolling.

If you would like to watch some of the Musa Rio Carnival auditions you can see it here:

This one isn’t the one we were watching, the one we were watching actually had a girl lose a little of her top.  Of course this is Brazil, so they just left it in the show.  In fact, during Carnival a totally bare chested woman is not unheard of, so there goes my prudish notions of what is and is not appropriate to see in public.

I also pointed out how one of the girls had very obvious bikini lines, and how it was silly that she didn’t try and get rid of her tan lines of if she was going to be a samba dancer.  Oh, nope, I was wrong again.  The husband again pointed out that it’s very sexy to see the tan lines.  I he really right? Are tan lines sexy?