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Portuguese Word of the day- Garoa

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So if you plug garoa into google translate it translates it as drizzling.  As a resident of Sao Paulo for the past year, I can tell you that is an incorrect translation.  Sao Paulo seems some days to be in a constant state of garoa.  Garoa isn’t just drizzling, it’s more like a constant mist.  It’s lighter than any drizzle I’ve ever felt. It reminds me of the water that would hit me as I would stand next to the showers at the beach… or that mist you get sprayed with when standing near a waterfall.  Drizzle it is not.

All I know for sure now though, is that I could NEVER live in Seattle.  I am not a fan of garoa, or the grey skies that accompany it.


Lost in translation

So Alho means garlic… an “o” or “a” is “the”

and this is the sign we drove past yesterday on the way back from the doctor.

Yeah I know it’s perfectly legit, but still as an English speaker it’s funny. For the record assoalhos translates to floors in Portuguese. So it’s just a funny word I guess, to a couple of juvenile Americans.


I got a haircut – in Portuguese

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I am quite proud of this accomplishment.  First, I didn’t want to just go to any salon, so I figured if I went to one of the better known salon’s my chances of anything being iffy would go down.  So thus began the internet research.

I discovered the following Salon’s that all seemed to have very good reputations:

All over Sao Paulo is Jacques Janine Right down from me by the Berrini Station in Brooklyn is Soho Hair (they actually list the prices on the website, and seem to have a greater degree of color options) Red Door also was supposed to be good.. but too far away.

I then discovered Weslley de Faria was right down the street from me, and on Tuesday and Wednesday’s they had a 30% off deal.  Sold and sold. I went in and got my hair cut and dyed, and all in it was about R$250.  Considering I could pay that much in the US, I’m happy with the price. And when I say US, let’s be honest I’m talking about Los Angeles.

What I am most proud of is that I was able to go in and describe exactly what I want, hold a quick conversation with the multitude of people who were serving me, and pay (well except for the part where they only took Visa and I only had a Master Card).

I counted 4 different people helping me, other than the hairstylist himself.  Most hairstylists here seem to be men. In fact at one point, the next hair cut for my stylist showed up, so they put two people on me to blowout my hair.  I’m starting to think it’s worth it to have someone blow out my hair once a week…it’s like getting a mani-pedi.. except I can’t do it near as good myself!

The one regret that I have is that I wanted to have more blue put in underneath my hair, and they put in the highlights, but put too few in.  I’m chalking that up to them thinking I was crazy for even wanting to put blue in my hair to begin with.  So next time I go in, I think I’ll put more blue as I like the way it looks.

Prices on Tuesday and Wednesday at Weslley de Faria are as follows:

Mani R$18 Pedi R$22
Haircut R$70
Color R$91-$150
Blowout R$29-$40
Highlights R$130-$170