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Day 6: Jeri Day 2!!

So day 2 was great.  The little guy slept in until 7am… something about the wood shutters I’m sure.  Breakfast was great, I love how Pousada’s serve free breakfast.  This one had crepes and tapioca (beijus), hubby got the crepe and I the soft and chewy tapioca.  And the little guy was entertained by spitting his food, well more like sticking his tongue out and letting the food roll off onto the floor, where three little cats sat expectantly waiting to eat his mess.

Today the plan was to get a dune buggy, which they pronounce “boogie” with a bit more accent on the “oo.”   I kept thinking my husband was arranging for us to go boogie boarding, which I just couldn’t see my son doing.  The buggy was needed to take us into the dunes, where there are some freshwater lakes.  Yes lakes, not ponds.

We drove in, and I thought we had reached the ocean. It was blue and beautiful and large.   My son absolutely loved that when he got splashed with waves it was just plain ole drinking water, no salty/chlorine taste to spit out.

The teeny beach was lined with hammocks resting in the water, and the water was warm and had waves lapping up on shore due to the strong winds.

They even had a little plank that you could jump off into deeper water.  We obviously didn’t trust the wee one to be able to jump on his own, but with a little help from dad, he loved it.

We then headed up to Sitio Verde, where we got lunch.  It was a bit pricey for middle of nowhere,but really good.  They also had a small beach, not as crowded, and only a few hammocks.  Dad decided to go “fishing,” and caught himself a rather unique fish…. wouldn’t stop squirming though . . .

The net hammock was great for our son, as he was able to stick his legs and arms through the holes in the net and play in the water like he wanted to, without us having to worry about him trying to stick his head in too!

We were supposed to head off to a smaller body of water near a dune for some sand surfing, but our driver disappeared, and by the time he popped his weasley head up, we needed to get home.

The unfortunate side affect of all of the dune buggying was the sand… my poor son woke up with conjunctivitis the next day… but I still think he thinks it was worth it.


Day 5: Jericoacoara… paradise

So we basically drove to Vegas for a day.  Four hours into the desert of Fortaleza is a tiny town called Jericoacoara, and old fishing village, turned Pousada town.  If you take a bus it’s 6 hours, as they drive slower.  We’re pros at driving long distances with our kid, and so is our kid.  He figured out how to take his snack ball, and “pimp” his binky as a way of entertainment.

Once you’re “there” you actually aren’t yet. As you can’t just drive your car in… well unless you pick up one of the guys standing on the side of the street that will let air out of your tires, and drive the car down the beach for you… best R$30 we spent. It’s a long sandy beach drive into Jeri.

You park your car at the parking lot, as cars aren’t allowed into the city (unless you live there).  The city is really quaint, the streets are made with sand, and there are tons of cutesy shops everywhere.

The Pousada we stayed  at, Surfing Jeri, had a giant caju tree in the courtyard.  There were tons of caju trees everywhere we went up here by the way.  I’m glad I didn’t pay the R$18 in Sao Paulo for a small pack of caju fruit, as it’s everywhere here.  We picked up a few and ate them when we arrived.  You don’t really eat caju, as much as suck the juice from the fruits flesh– perfect for my son who loves to do just that with his fruit.  Those are a bunch of Caju fruit piled up.

We had lunch at Pimenta Verde, which was amazing and fresh.  There was an Italian guy behind the counter, so maybe the owner and the reason why the Risotto was sooo good.

View from Pimenta Verde to our Pousada

Now I preface the activity for our first day with the statement, “We are bad parents.” There it’s been said, you don’t need to say more.  My husband visited one of the ATV rentals and negotiated down with the owner for an ATV for 2 hours. And then we were off, with our 1 year old smooshed between us. It was soo relaxing he fell asleep.  We could tell the foreigners from the Brazilians as well by the looks of shock and panic on the foreigners faces as we passed them.

The reason we took the ATV was to get to this rock arch in the ocean – Pedra Furada. It’s an easy hike in once you get there, and really pretty.  At the right time of year you can time it so the sun is right between the arch.

We generally let the little guy run around, the photo below was taken before he decided to run straight for the crashing waves in the arch.  I guess it looked like fun.

When we got back, our plan was to hike up the huge sand dune outside of the town.  Everyone climbs it at sunset to watch, unfortunately we have a kid, so by the time he was fed and cleaned and we walked out to the beach this is about as far as we got.  It was still beautiful.

Jeri really comes to life at night, when street vendors and food stands set up, and everyone seems to come out.  Since it’s so hot, it seems like the city wakes up early, then everyone retires to their bed for the afternoon, and then comes out at night.For dinner we ate at Cafe Brasil.  Their bread is home made and their sandwiches are delish.  Not to mention the waitress totally took our kid off our hands for the meal to play with him. Score!  We found our front porch also came to life at night to the trill of our son.  A cat, a large frog, and a small frog were all waiting for us.

The large frog then proceeded to attempt to eat the small frog to the shock of my son and delight of his father.

And then it was off to bed, as we had a big day of buggy adventures planned for the following day.