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Seen around the neighborhood

Just some random sightings of late, that I found interesting.

I just thought this was hilarious, and I have to wonder if the owners of this house are not Asian, it just screams I’m Japanese.


So in Sao Paulo, one of the interesting things about the Brazilian neighborhoods is that the houses are all smack up against the sidewalk and each other.  In the poorer neighborhoods, you can tell they have NO ROOM whatsoever, as you will find people hanging clothing in the middle of the median between trees, or from their windows, or my particular favorite, across the street on the metal church fence (ahem).  So needless to say, they don’t really have backyards.  I’ve seen kids playing soccer in the green grass along the freeways. Driving to fast to take photos. I was able to take a photo of some neighborhood volleyball. The net is probably used for Soccer Volleyball  “Futevôlei”, but I thought it somewhat creative.

And last but not least.. a shopping mall sighting. We’re 2km from Shopping Morumbi, and I saw this lovely lovely doll of Kate Middelton. She must be SOOO flattered, it is her wedding doll after all.  Then again, maybe that’s a doll that’s supposed to be a man in drag??