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Famous Brasilians for you

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We all know Gisele Bundchen, and if you don’t then you know her American Football playing husband Tom Brady… power couple right?  But if you’re an Iphone user you most likely have been using the Instagram app, and may have heard of the recent sale of Instagram to Facebook.

What you may not have read, but a friend of mine tipped me off to is there is a Brasilian connection there. Maybe if I read magazines in Brasil, I wouldn’t have missed the full spread they did on Mike Krieger.  The Veja article  in Portuguese.

Of course, if you’ve seen the movie The Social Network, you would know that the other founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin is Brasilian as well.

The Veja Article is an interesting read as it highlights a few of the technology geniuses that Brasil has claim to… in Google translate here. It’s funny, I’m just an expat, but I’ve gotta say I’ve got a bit of pride for all things a bit Brasilian.