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Brazil is on my nerves

Ok Electrolux is on my nerves.. and I’m only using Electrolux because I live in Brasil, so there Brasil take that!

For the second time our stupid Dishwasher has broken.  Last time the Electrolux guy said the panel on the front with all the buttons was loose and needed to be tightened to work again. So I’m going with that’s why it broke AGAIN.  I’d be even angrier if we didn’t have someone who washed the dishes.. but it really sucks for her.

On top of Electrolux’s dishwasher sucking, our freaking washing machine is also Electrolux.  If any of you are still in the market for equipment, Brastemp.. buy it. Yeah as an American you’ve never heard of it, well it’s mostly made here, so I guess they don’t cut all kinds of crazy corners to keep the cost down due to the stupid Brasilian import taxes. Stupid taxes.

Oh yeah, so the washing machine keeps stopping mid load and flashing an error message. Of course said error message exists nowhere in the manual of error messages, because it’s a Brasilian manual that’s why 😉 So now not only do I not have clean dishes, I have dirty clothing piling up.  Now I already really hated this washing machine for the sheer fact that it’s an all in one, takes about 6 hours to wash and dry my clothing, and I’m always manually pulling the lint out of it.  So it’s probably just clogged with said lint somewhere in it’s many chambers. Both of these just require a simple call to Electrolux to fix as they are under warranty — but none of the 3 Electrolux repair centers I called seem to know how to fix their phone systems or answer a phone (always a good sign).

Either way Brasil sucks because I can’t have high quality electronics, especially when I already paid a ton of cash for said equipment, because they have crazy high taxes.

And while I’m on a rant about Brasil, it sucks because all of my closets I have to leave the doors open on, and make sure to rotate my clothing, or else my pretty silk dresses end up growing little patches of mold. Yes mold, because it’s so freaking humid here that mold grows on my husband’s ties and my pretty dresses. So there Brasil you suck!

I feel better now. Brasil doesn’t really suck, but this week certainly does.