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Dia Internacional da Mulher

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That was yesterday by the way… and I saw a few posts by people on Facebook about it, but you know what, it’s actually kind of celebrated here in Brasil!  Yeah, no random I need to post something on my status update holiday, it’s a real day here.  At my doc’s office they had little treats for all of the women when they came in (and they were yummy yum).

My nanny asked if I knew what March 8th was… of course I didn’t.  Turns out it’s like secretaries day kind of, everyone here knows about it.  She said at jobs all the women are treated special (you know like secretaries day), or women get flowers from their hubbies etc.  So yes, my dear spouse, if you happen to read this.. next year:

So now I’m asking myself… how is it that my husband knows all about dia dos namorados (which he insisted we celebrate this year instead of Valentines), but didn’t bother telling me about the day that I get celebrated for being a woman??  Yeah, he’s got some ‘splanin to do.