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Thick and Thin

On the flight back from Miami I watched “Up All Night.” While it’s got funny actors, I never would have been drawn to watching it.  As a mom and a soon to be mom, I’ve gotta admit it was funny.  However, in the course of the show they shared a quote.  Basically, as you get older, you can have a great face and a fat arse, or a tight arse and a face like skeletor, but you can’t have both.

That saying is sooo true on so many levels.  You can have fresh hot bread, and exotic tropical fruit, and no snow and give up your peanut butter M&Ms, or you can have peanut butter M&Ms, and live in the US 😉

So when I saw this photo on Facebook I had to post it.  Brasilians would unilaterally agree that US women are too skinny, and I have to say, I love Brasil’s love of curves.  When I was watching TV in the US, I thought to myself, is she supposed to be attractive, she’s tooooo skinny.  When I lost a bunch of weight I thought I was too skinny…I’m curvy, but living in Brazil I’m even more aware of my Japanese ancestry…. I have no butt whatsoever, freaking Japanese genes.

So in summary, I can live in Brasil, and eat like a Brasilian and get nice and curvy (except for that freaking butt), or I can live in the US and be average and see images of skinny biatches all the time that make me go on cleanses.