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Dia Internacional da Mulher

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That was yesterday by the way… and I saw a few posts by people on Facebook about it, but you know what, it’s actually kind of celebrated here in Brasil!  Yeah, no random I need to post something on my status update holiday, it’s a real day here.  At my doc’s office they had little treats for all of the women when they came in (and they were yummy yum).

My nanny asked if I knew what March 8th was… of course I didn’t.  Turns out it’s like secretaries day kind of, everyone here knows about it.  She said at jobs all the women are treated special (you know like secretaries day), or women get flowers from their hubbies etc.  So yes, my dear spouse, if you happen to read this.. next year:

So now I’m asking myself… how is it that my husband knows all about dia dos namorados (which he insisted we celebrate this year instead of Valentines), but didn’t bother telling me about the day that I get celebrated for being a woman??  Yeah, he’s got some ‘splanin to do.


Where have all the babas gone?

Yesterday was a Holiday in Brasil, dia das Criancas.  All countries have a Children’s Day as part of the U.N.’s declaration on rights of a child.  In Hawaii, with a large Japanese population, we celebrate Children’s Day, which is a huge Japanese Holiday. As a kid, I’ve got to say, I didn’t like Children’s Day, I liked girls and boys day better. I hated having to share a day with boys! But that’s in May, so we get a little celebration of being a kid during the school year.  The rest of the US has a designated Children’s day that is in June on a Sunday -talk about lame right?!

Well, like all Holidays  (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter) the retail establishment has made this about shopping, especially for toys!  Like Black Friday, Dia das Criancas is analyzed for sales, up or down from previous years etc.  Not to fail at celebrating his royal cuteness, I headed to Loja Americanas (and I was not the only mom pushing a stroller through the store) to buy a toy.  Ironically Alo Bebe was closed, what’s up with that?! How am I to spend money on my cute kid?

As we walked home I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of strollers and kids.  Now, I don’t have a car (WE have a car, but due to the nature of my husband’s work he needs it all day, and I can’t just drop him off) so I walk everywhere, and I can tell you it’s me and the working class out there.  I see lots of dog walkers, faxineiras, the old, and of course babas and strollers.  Middle/Upperclass parents with their kids in tow, never ever.  Ok I amend that, I see them all lined up dropping their kids off at the daycare up the street.  Which my son consistently tries to sneak into, how he knows it’s where all the kids go, is beyond me.

Yesterday was different though, and it was nice.  There were mom’s walking down the street with their little girls holding hands.  Parents walking together pushing their babies’ strollers.  It was a nice change from the day-to-day sights I normally see here, a bit more family bonding time.

Unfortunately, my husband’s job never ends, so he worked a half-day.  When we got back from the morning walk, my son saw his daddy’s work shoes at the front door, picked them up and started searching the house for his daddy (the bad news was as since it’s a Holiday my hubby had dressed down, so my poor kid was looking in vain).  The good news is, daddy came home earlier, and my son’s entire day was made.