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Monthly Archives: September 2012


We are well adjusted to our new home now. Furniture arrived last week from Brasil! Woo hoo.  Only one bottle of saline solution was packed and busted in one box– so of course that kind of molded out.  All of our clothes smelled of mildew- and even after a trip to the dry cleaners, a few items still just smell off.  But we’re settled in… adjusted, maybe is too broad of a word.  Getting used to driving in the US is actually something we didn’t think we would need to adjust for– after all we had been flying back to the US and driving the whole time we were in Brazil. But I guess they were for shorter period of time and we never noticed the subtle changes Brasil had made to our abilities.

So my husband and I should not be allowed to drive at all in the US. Or we should be required to take expat driving lessons I think.  Mainly Brasil’s lack of regard for pedestrians mean that we’re not as watchful for idiots walking around anymore.  I use the term idiots, as seriously people in the US that are walking feel like they’re so safe they can walk through a parking lot or in front of a car and not even look around before stepping forward.

We are so used to pedestrians having the right of way, people take for granted their own safety.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve yelled watch out as someone stepped in front of my husband while their head was turned behind them to yell at a friend.  Who does that??  Americans that’s who.

Also, yellow lights in Brasil are A LOT longer than they are here.  In Brasil you can definitely squeek through one no problem… here well I forgot how short those suckers were.

And finally, yes I am now the idiot sitting on red waiting for the light to turn green before turning right.  So next time someone is sitting at a red trying to turn right, have a heart, maybe they’ve just come back from Brasil!

Our nanny of course just marvels at how all of these cars can turn right and left and cross paths at the crazy busy multi section intersections we have here, with free way entrances, and several inlets and outlets.  I have to say, I love that I don’t have to take these long round about paths just to turn left, I do get lost a lot less often (sort of…).



The transition

SO I’m not dead.  And I haven’t given up yet on my blog. I’m sure I will eventually, being that I’m no longer in Brazil.

from The Load Star UK

Oh but don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned Brazil completely.  See I can’t the country is still holding my belongings hostage.  You know how when you move to Brazil there is always some “reason” why customs is behind and it takes 3 months to get your shipment.  Well we figured since we were air shipping, it would take 2 weeks max to get all of our belongings.  I’m still waiting, because there is a customs strike in Brazil, so all of my precious belongings (KitchenAid, Vitamix, all of my pots and pans, art work from Brazil) are sitting in a crate somewhere.  We’ve stopped getting updates from the moving company, so I guess one day it will just arrive— maybe 6 months from now??  I think I feel worse for all the expats who thought they’d buy their year + supply of America.. sorry guys! At least I can hit up the local Costco while I wait.

I’ve been busy.  Between coming off of maternity leave, and then moving back to the US, trying to get our nanny a Visa, and then well just trying to find a home I’ve been under water.  The rental market here in the San Francisco area is crazy crazy tight.  We found a place though, and I have to tell you, even though I leave in a very nice suburban neighborhood, where everyone knows your name and waves at you while you drive by, I couldn’t sleep the first night.

Where was my gate? Where was the security of the guard sitting below.  I was on the ground, and anyone could easily climb into any window.  It was unnerving to be soo, so unprotected.  My nanny when she arrived was amazed at how quiet and clean everything is, it just felt odd to her.

Nanny Observations:

  1. Is the (heater) hole on the bathroom floor for throwing water down when cleaning the bathroom?
  2. Did you really just wash a load of laundry and dry it in an hour?? (Halle freakin lujah!!)
  3. Why don’t we have Oreos in Brazil?

Oh and can I just say I just brought myself a Mint, and I wish I had that little thing in Brazil. It quietly cleans all of our wood floors wonderfully.