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Go Corinthianos

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Or actually shut the #$#@ up! Seriously, please, I’ve got kids 😉  Yesterday was the 4th of July, not really meaningful here in beautiful Sao Paulo. But it kind of felt like it last night, fireworks till midnight… thank you again Corinthianos.

Had I been in the US, we’d have been grilling hot dogs (they don’t grill hot dogs here, just sausages, hot dog grilling seems weird to them) and hamburgers, and eating potato salad.  Interestingly it’s been blue skies and sun the last few days here.  Plus the kids are all out of school, so they’ve been having water fights at our apartment complex (using the shower for the soccer court as a “pool”); it really feels like a US Summer.  It’s like Brasil is trying to woo me back.  And of course to top it all off last night was the BIG WIN for the Libertadores Cup (South American soccer cup).

Yes soccer fans  the Sao Paulo Corinthians came out on top (their first win ever).  I don’t even have to turn on the TV to know when a goal is scored (don’t worry it’s on, my husband wouldn’t have it any other way), the ENTIRE neighborhood explodes.  For the record we’re not Corinthian fans, but it’s still nice to know that Brasil won the cup.  When the Corinthians finally won, the horns, and screaming, and fireworks went off for at least an hour.  It was an all out party last night, I was afraid my two year old would wake up.  I literally had to sleep with the 3 month old on my chest, as he kept getting startled by the noise and fussing.  It was THAT loud.  But what else would you expect from Brasilians who know how to celebrate, and well the Corinthian fans do have a reputation, somewhat akin to Raider fans.


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  1. They are OUT. OF. CONTROL. They drove around (in my neighborhood) honking and and shouting until about 5 AM and then they started back up at like 9 AM. SO annoying.. Though I was excited for all the fireworks and firecrackers yesterday! Made it feel like home 🙂

  2. Andrew Francis

    I’m not a big football fan but I still appreciate the energy and passion that goes in to it. In a way, it’s really cool that everyone is aware of the match (and the win) whether they are into football or not, whether they support Corinthians or not, whether they have the TV on or not. The closest thing I’ve seen here in London (and they love football here too) is during some of the World Cup matches but that’s only once every four years…


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