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Ok, I’m THAT parent. I think I have the cutest kid (kids now) in the world.  I say that slightly sarcastically, but I really do think my son is adorable, and has a good personality. He’s goofy, but generally a happy kid and not fussy or whiny.  For these reasons, my husband always said I should get him into modeling.  I never have, because I’m too lazy to look into it, and because I don’t really think it’s worth the money.  Let’s be honest, child modeling is really all about making sure that your kid’s cuteness is validated.

But the other day, as my kid sat eating a McDonald’s ice cream cone at Shopping Morumbi, a lady came up to me to give me her card for child modeling.   See look at those luscious lips. How could you not want him to be a model? 😉

My husband pointed out that the owner of the company didn’t look too chic or too credible, but I have her card, so if you want to do child modeling, here’s her info:

Typo’s Producoe Agencia de Modelos

Rua Lamartine Babo, 113
Chac. Sto. Antonio
CEP 04714-050 – São Paulo – SP
(11) 5182-8683
(11) 5182-6811

Too bad we’re leaving next month, he could have been the next Giselle… only 2 and a boy…so now the real reason for this post, to share shamelessly photos of my kid.

Blue Steel

Lock up your daughters- the tough guy

Brazilian tanned


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  1. wait a sec… you guys are LEAVING leaving next month or just traveling??

  2. lol we’re LEAVING leaving.

  3. I love that lock up your daughters shirt. I know you have said this a couple times, but I remember you saying the birth of your last was going to allow you guys to stay????? That sucks.

  4. oh the visa just means that after a little stint back in the US, we can toy with the idea of returning in the future.


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