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What’s the gossip??

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So the other day the building maid called our apartment asking for our baba.  When she came back upstairs she let me know that there was some VERY scandalous gossip going on in our building.. . a potential assault, and the night guard was going to be fired for it.

Norman Rockwell

The night guard it turns out tried to kiss our nanny one night, and grabbed her arm .  When trying to escape he ripped her shirt…. of course she remembers none of this.  I was amazed, how had something this scandalous come about, and why would my nanny be mentioned??

What really happened is she started her own little gossip chain.

Back in  the beginning of May, she was out walking and ignoring our Zelador who was calling her name.  So he grabbed her arm (some what roughly according to her).  She was so incensed that he would even touch her (she is prone to being dramatic), especially since she has a boyfriend. etc.. etc.. she complained to an empregada of the apartment of a friend of my son .  The empregada has a mother who also works in our building, and of course she shared the story with her mother.  From there I’m not sure, but a driver of another family heard it, and took it upon himself to tell the head of the building association’s president.

We of course just laughed at our nanny, and reminded her that she started the whole chain in motion.  Brazilians love their novelas, and it seems the staff in our building have lots of free time on their hands 😉

Don’t worry we made her clear it all up; no jobs lost.


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