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So like oh probably 3.5 to 4 years ago I ran across a little magazine article from Marth Stewart on how to do pintucks. I also had seen a $300~ duvet cover at Anthropologie and loved it. So I bought thread, and a big King sheet for the Queen sized bed, and figured it would be a quick project.  Then I got caught up in work.

Then I got pregnant, and one night before my first kid was born, I took the time to make all of the marks of where the pintucks would be… but that’s about it… because I’m a slacker.

So I brought it with me to Brasil, thinking I would have dead time to craft.  Well I’m not crafty, and found many other things to fill the dead time with.  Then came baby #2, and I realized that it was freaking about time, and well winter was coming up and our old duvet cover had been killed by the stupid thing that Brasilians try to pass off as a washer/dryer (seriously this thing eats my clothing).

And walla, my beautiful duvet.  Not quite as equal to Anthropologies, as I spread out the pintucks, as I’m lazy, but pretty still the same.

I still need to sew on buttons like Anthro, but remember I’m lazy.  I think it will add a little color, each button I plan on using a different bright color of thread, as it’s rather white.


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I'm just another soul on the internet, posting random thoughts into the ether, because well I love stumbling on other peoples random thoughts, so I figured why not add mine to the mix too. I'm also the mom to two very funny little boys, and how can you not share that with everyone?

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  1. Life & Sunshine

    great job! i too have coveted the anthro duvet, you’ve kinda convinced me that i could do this!!

  2. Love this. Love you. Let me know when you want to make another one because you are officially hired! 😉

  3. This is going to be a double a whammy, do you have the link to the instructions? I love duvets, but mine go through a lot too. And here is sooo expensive I buy mine from the US, but the shipping is a lot. I would rather save the space for clothes and toys. And yes, most washing machines suck. Next one is going to be one, that I will confirm does little damage before I buy it. I hand wash almost everything now, but since I’m staying at home it’s ok for now.

    Anyway, I have a moby issue. Your on baby number two and about the most crunchy person in Brazil. So I think your the best to ask. I can’t find your email. It’s gone from my inbox. Can you email me? Luca screams and screams in the moby. But he gets used to the hold after about 7th time in it. I don’t know why. Anyway, I’m trying to move to the hug hold and the screaming is starting again. Do you know what I could be doing wrong?


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