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The birth experience

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So I had my son on the 12th… the past 2 blog posts were “scheduled out” pre-birth, and I accidentally scheduled them for May … mostly I’ve just been sleeping 🙂

All of my “granola intentions” were mostly just that intentions.  We ended up inducing, which meant that at a certain point my contractions were so strong I couldn’t focus anymore, but my body wasn’t at the point of delivery— let’s just say I had another 4+ hours after that point, so I opted for the epidural.  My doctor actually had another woman giving birth at the same time as me, so the midwife was running back and forth between the two rooms, and at a certain point after the epidural, a doctor came and sat with me for what seemed like an hour just with her hand on my stomach monitoring my contractions— it was soothing and nice to have someone just sit there with me, and I don’t if I would have expected that type of attention in the US.  She said she was surprised I lasted as long as I did without the epidural, and that I let it wear off once so I could get the contractions to kick in and help things move along.  From what my doc said, those who do parto normal in Brasil get the epidural’s early on in the process.

When it finally came time to deliver a nurse pushed me through the door (bumping the frame) down the hall (bumping over the door frame bumps on the floor) and into the surgery room. Then I had to scoot myself onto the table, as they adjusted my legs (strapped in) on the stirrups (twice), and tilted me downward.  I told the room that had I not opted for an epidural, at this point in time I would have wanted each and everyone of them dead.  Seriously, it would have been awful to be at this stage and being moved.

My husband wasn’t around for any of this, because well he had to be sent to a totally different floor to put on his surgery clothes.  And since he had brought his laptop bag and I a backpack with random “labor stuff” for the 9 hour labor, he had to also run all of that up to our room, as we were told we couldn’t just leave it in the pre-labor room.  He ran into the room as I was making the first push, and the anesthesiologist was pushing on my stomach.  I politely said “really do we have to push on my stomach?” and he walked away, so no big deal other than they tried to push my baby out for me.  They did cut me, and there were like 10-12 people in the room between 2 obgyns, midwife, nurses, anesthesiologist, and the pediatrician.

I got to hold the baby, then they took him to get cleaned and weighed, and then he was brought back a few minutes later to nurse and bond with me. After that I was told we would go upstairs and he to the nursery for the next 2 hours to do all of the “baby stuff” that comes after birth… which wasn’t the 4 I had been told, so that was nice.

Either way, I’ve have a wonderful, sweet little bundle of joy… finally!


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  1. Wow!! Congratulations!! He is gorgeous, just like the first!
    Ok, now I’ll go and read the actual post 🙂

  2. Looks like you’ve got yourself a little Brasileiro!

    Congratulations on the beautiful baby!!!!!!

  3. Congrats on the baby. I’m glad everything went well (relatively speaking, I mean, you did push a person out of your body). Miss you!

  4. Congratulations! It’s nice to hear your experience. My sister is “crunchy” and did not have epidurals when she had my nieces. I was going to try, but I think I’m going to opt for the epidural once the contractions get really strong.
    My son is currently weighing in (in utero) at 8 lbs and that’s a lot; plus, it’s my first baby.

    Anyway, I’m glad that everything went well. Your baby is adorable. By the way, one of my smartest, hardest working students was born at AE and her classmates think that that’s what made her so smart :).

    • lol thanks! I think it’s good to go as long as possible without the epidural, so your labor moves along faster definitely… but seriously worth it at the end.

  5. Congratulations! So great to hear you both are healthy and happy. What a cutie!

  6. Congrats on the little brazilian, hes adorable!! So how much longer are you here for?

  7. Ah very cool – you didn’t really go into detail about pain… but can I ask, did it hurt a lot w/o epidural? I’m pregnant too and verrrrrrry curious!

  8. congrats! And you probably still considered a bit crunchy in brazil for doin a non- c-section!


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