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Being Brasilian– finally

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So I often joke my husband is Brasilian…he’s not he’s just really embraced some of the cultural things.  If our nanny (we don’t call her a baba as well my son calls his bottles babas so it would get rather confusing), is home for any reason she’s on the job in his mind.  Yeah so what, it’s a holiday, or a Saturday or what have you.  If she is here, he’s more than happy to hand off any and all work to her… in fact I worry what will happen when one day we are back in the US.

But I digress, one area that he is not Brasilian in is his cheapness when it comes to the baby.  My husband’s a finance guy, so this isn’t new news to me.  In fact, one of the first phrases I learned in Portuguese was “mão de vaca”  or in English, basically someone who is so tight fisted, their hand is really a hoof.  So when I posted about Brasilian baby traditions, like lembrancinhas and door signs, he said,

Let’s just write the kids name on a sheet of paper and slap it on the door.  And just don’t tell anyone we are at the hospital, then we won’t need lembrancinhas!

His co-workers (male of course), all agree with him (finance guys of course).  You think I exaggerate slightly on the hospital visitors thing, but the other day our nanny came home and said that one of my son’s park-playmate’s mothers indicated that she wants to meet me, and what better time than to visit me once the baby is born.  Yes, the first time I may or may not meet this women is right after giving birth!

So since my son decided that he didn’t want to come out on Wednesday (seriously it’s been a week now!), I decided that I needed to thoroughly nest, maybe that would make him realize it was time to say hi to everyone.  And that’s basically involved me putting together a door sign and a bunch of little lembracinhas… just in case.

For the record I am VERY VERY not crafty…. so I’m quite proud of the fact that I hand made something.  Oh and for all of you non Brasilians, no we are not naming our kid Muleke… my husband just really wants to have that up on the door– the name part is interchangeable.

Anyway, I’m off to part two of nesting,  continuing to spray down the load of whites with WD-40.  Yes, my son as a pre-pregnancy gift decided to drop in a blue crayon, and everything is covered in tiny blue specs…


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  1. Oh my. I happen to be with your husband. It’s all silliness. But, as you know first hand, I also believe “when in Brazil…”

    • eh I agree as well… I only have a very small handful of gifts, which I normally give to nurses, anyway, so that’s more what they’ll go towards I would hope… and yes I agree all silliness, but why not when you’re in Brasil right? 🙂

  2. My husband would say something like that too. LOL (he’s Brazilian)
    I was thinking that I imagine that many Brazilian women give out lembrancinhas because they plan their births and because of the c-section stay in the hospital for 2-3 days. If you have a natural birth then you’re usually in and out. You may not even have time for visitors. I think that since I’m planning on having a vaginal birth that I won’t bother. Oh yeah, and my husband will probably think it’s an unnecessary expense.

  3. Yes, you’re in your way to get Brazilian. I myself would agree with your husband since many of the “lembrancinhas” we get, stay a while around and disappear latter.

    But I loved your handcraft with clothespin. Some of them with a magnet behind would be a “lembrancinha” people would use perhaps on the fridge door so to hang memos etc. I really liked it!

    • Thanks, my nanny actually ended up making one for her door, and my other son’s as she liked it so much. I bought the alcohol gels as I figured all extra’s will be used by me… never have enough of that with a little one.

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