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Customs for Pregnant folk- Brazil style

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So on these hospital visits I found two things.  The first was noticeable that every door of the hospital rooms had a wooded or cloth plaque/decoration with the babies name on it.  In Brasil, people know what their child is to be called, WAY before they’re born.  In fact, most people find it odd that I don’t have a name for my son yet.  We’ve just been telling our nanny to refer to him as “Lief” although that is DEFINITELY not the name we’ll use, we just find it funny.

These door signs are intended to be brought home and used for the baby’s room as well, so thus why they’re a bit more permanent.  Of course my husband thinks that having something on our door is absolutely ridiculous. For a few reasons.  One our kid doesn’t have a nursery yet, as he’s sharing our bedroom until we move. Two, it’s not like we’re gonna have a whole bunch of people visiting us at the hospital, since we’re a bunch of anti-social folk 😉 and we’re not Brasilian.

The other hospital tradition I learned about was lembrancinhas.  While waiting for the valet, my son tried to dive off the back of the sofa.  A nice lady and her daughter helped me out as I’m pregnant, and people in Brasil help prego folk out when their kid’s being a bit of a rascal and your husband is grabbing the car.  In fact, the little girl reached into her mom’s bag and pulled out a little cupcake with a fondant baby on top, and a chocolate ganache cupcake on the bottom.  Interestingly my son immediately knew it was a treat, opened it up and devoured the fondant baby head (creepy I know). This cupcake was a lembrancinha that the family hands out to the visitors.  In the US, you usually have little gifts for the nurses and such at the hospital, but not normally things that get handed out to all guests that visit.  Again, luckily we’re not Brasilian, so I doubt many folks will be visiting us anyway…but I guess I’d better get started!



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  1. The last thing I’d want to worry about is gifts for the guests I may or may not have! It’s a sweet idea, though.

  2. I’ve never been pregnant before so I didn’t even know we were supposed to take gifts for the nurses :/

    (Congrats, by the way…I’m an American expat having a baby next month).

    • ehh maybe the Nurse gift thing is something big in California, where you want to make sure your nurses are nicer to you, as they’re used to the celebs showering them with gifts too 😉 Either way, I’ll have nurse gifts, which I’m sure can also work for any “Random” visitors should someone stop by. I love that 3 of us expats are having babies right around each other.. in totally different areas, I’m curious to see how much each part of Brazil differs in the birth process.

  3. Andrew Francis

    Our daughter was born in London but my sister in law brought lembrancinhas from Brazil. People that came to visit really liked them because it was something new and unusual. Ours were ordered from a nice bakery so there wasn’t much work involved.


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