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Hospital Visit try 2- Albert Einstein

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I’ve got to say, after seeing Sao Luiz, I’m very disappointed with Einstein.  Love that everywhere in Brasil is Valet, it was R$12 for an hour, and again LA doesn’t have hospital parking that cheap…especially valeted.  But I digress.  You could definitely tell this was the hospital preferred by the wealthy.  Just to get into the hospital they took photos of us, and we had to show our ID, and get name badges.  Our son has learned how to say web cam… one of those words that kids who live away from gparents learn early… and kept saying web cam as they took our photos.

Anyway, downstairs is a Cafe Viena. If you have ever eaten at this chain, well that’s the food you can order when you’re up in your room.  I have been telling my husband that after I give birth I want him to go get me sushi, so I thought it was interesting that they had a sushi boat… hmm between the increase security and sushi, Albert Einstein was starting to look attractive. Though hubby pointed out Sao Luiz is in the middle of many a yummy restaurant that also delivers.

As we headed up to the obstetrics floor, the hospital was noticeably different from Sao Luiz. First the elevators weren’t as slow as Sao Luiz.  But the place was SUPER crowded. Granted we visited on a Saturday afternoon, versus mid-day Wednesday. But the people were different. Everyone had an Iphone in hand, and there were kids strewn across the floor playing with Ipads.   Yes, a much wealthier crew of folks here.  At least Sao Luiz seemed to have a large waiting area for people with chairs.   They showed me that there were 4 small rooms for labor… smaller than a hospital room.  I couldn’t see inside, but I’m imagining it was about the size of the pre-labor rooms at Cedar Sinai, and if that’s the case #@$%$! no am I sitting in one of those things during labor.  Then they had the delivery room, which was pretty standard, other than the fact that they have glass windows, so if you want your family to stand outside and watch they can (creepy much?).  The windows did frost over if you wanted.  Also do you see the size of those beds? Flat, hard and kinda skinny.

The 4 Labor & Delivery rooms were being occupied, but our very un-knowledgeable guide told us that they’re the same size as a regular hospital rooms.  Seriously, she knew so little.  The Bercario was up by the hospital rooms, unlike Sao Luiz, there is not the main one and the floor ones.  In fact, if you look at the photo, you can kind of see the wood/paint on the window is weathered, this is definitely an older hospital that hasn’t been renovated recently.  Again, she told us it’s 4-6 hours until you see your baby after birth. BUT she did call and find out that we can opt out of the Silver Nitrate in the eyes if we wanted.

The hospital rooms sucked when you put them up against Sal Luiz.  They’ve about the same size as the ones in the US, and just as old an crappy as old hospitals.  The couch that the husband is supposed to sleep on was also narrower than Sao Luiz’s, and the shower just looked dingy. I didn’t even snap a photo of it, as the video I posted last time, pretty much captures it, other than the walls being ALL white.  We asked about suites, and they basically just open the door to the room next door and put a couch and stuff in there instead of a bed.

Not as cool as Sao Luiz my Albert Einstein friends.  Also if occupancy is at 85% they won’t do it.  No idea on price, as they said I could call back in and ask for pricing— um I’m here now, seriously you can’t tell me?  I get the general idea, Albert Einstein doesn’t have to try as hard, as well they are “the” hospital.

Another difference is instead of a permanent Cartorio, Albert Einstein has a table in obstetrics a few hours each morning.  Kind of odd.  In the afternoon it becomes the photo sales area.

So are you getting that I’m not really in love with Albert?  Maybe it was the fact that all of these wealthy Brasilians were sitting around everywhere, and their kids were running around like wild monsters … I’m assuming this is because the babas weren’t brought to the hospital, and parents weren’t used to watching their kids.  But seriously, there were kids literally running down the hospital halls yelling. As well as sitting all over the floors in the lobby area. I may or may not kill these children in the future if I see them after I deliver… IF I choose Einstein.  Maybe my American showing, as I guess Brasilians understand kids are kids, but after giving birth I want things quiet, as I’m sure my baby does as well.

So I’m still debating back and forth between Einstein. The main reason is the Labor & Delivery room.  The table that they do deliver on normally DOES NOT look comfortable at all, and I’m fairly sure it’s the same over at Sao Luiz.  So if I can get L&D I want that… even if my room is super crappy.  Also, the guide did confirm that the weekends are always busier at the hospital – as I noted last time. So maybe during the week things would be better . . .

However, upon further research Sao Luiz seems to have more pre-delivery rooms than Einstein, which makes me think that I have a better chance of getting one of the natural rooms than Einstein, as I can see them putting folks into the L&D rooms at Einstein when they get full. In fact, to get into a natural Sao Luiz room, supposedly your doc needs to let them know you want to have a natural birth.  Also, other than my husband pointing out that the couches he would sleep on at Sao Luiz look nicer, and he could sleep in the “adjoining suite” versus with me and the baby, the natural birth rooms (2), look SWEET, and the tub is divine.

Not sure if you can make out the stars on the ceiling, nice touch right? And there is the birth ball, and it just looks roomy.  Also, check out the bath.  If you’re into it, they do the water births here.  Not that I’m into that, but if you were…


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