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Parque Villa Lobos

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So on a prior trip to the CEAGSP we noticed that right near it is Parque Villa Lobos, and there were all of these bikes out front.

As I’m about to give birth in a month, we figured biking with a new born wasn’t going to be on the books, so we decided to cross this off the list of must dos.  The park is definitely built for bikes, and of course being 8.5 months pregnant, with a almost 2 year old we were able to skip to the front of the long lines and get a bike super fast.  It was $25R for an hour for a “family bike” and it took us about 40 minutes to circle the whole park.

The park is pretty cool, it has a bunch of courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, and of course futebol.  There was also a bmx bike dirt track, a dog park, and an auditorium area for music.  As we circled the bend, we could hear the music, and my son started dancing in his seat, so we had to stop and listen to the band (which my husband pointed out were quasi lip syncing, oh well).


Overall it was a nice ride, and wasn’t too bad. Other than the fact, that I’m 8.5 months pregnant, and bringing knees up to stomach was killing me.  Furthermore, my son occasionally decided mommy’s lap was much more fun than sitting in the front seat.  As a pregnant woman, bathrooms have suddenly become important to me, and I found it nice that like a lot of bathrooms here, the ones spread throughout the park had both an adult bathroom and a kiddie sized one.  There were also security people all over the park, and at the bathrooms standing guard.  So I assume the park must be pretty safe.

Across the street from the Park, but by a street called Pau Brasil, is a small park where we had parked. After the sunny Villa Lobos, we decided to take our son there to play for a bit without all of the people running about with bikes.

It was a small park, with swings, a sandbox, see saws, and of course tubes just tall enough for my son to walk through.  But best of all it was nice chance for us to rest after biking around Villa Lobos, as our son still needed to wear himself down.



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