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Catupiry – Cheddar flavored!!

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I find it ironic that the other day I published a post about the joy of Catupiry and how it’s my “Brasilian cheddar” (which I misspelled, as I tend to type these posts stream of thought as fast as possible, before work or kiddo- so don’t judge me).  Anyway, point being, I went to the grocery store the other day and they had the flavored Catupriy, which I’ve been buying lately.  But this time, it wasn’t just sun-dried tomato (which both me and my son love btw)…. it WAS Cheddar. Catupiry brand has come out with four new flavors and one of them (which thankfully my store now carries at R$4.59) is cheddar.

I’m thinking of making a nice white sauce base, and then adding this in as the cheese and making my son mac-n-cheese today… we’ll see how it works, but I would think it would have that velveeta-y mac-n-cheesiness to it….maybe.


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