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Hospital visit 2- Albert Einstein

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So Albert Einstein is supposedly the best hospital in all of Brazil.  With traffic it’s like an hour to half an hour from us.  Notice I started with an hour, as there is always traffic here in Brazil! So thus why we debate should we have the baby at Albert Einstein.

Although I found this really great stat, that I didn’t know:

Experience of Motherhood Albert Einstein, for example, reveals that the CS rate was 18% among 239 women who had opted for the LDR between April 2000 and June 2001, and 195 normal births occurred in this group of patients.

Veja Abril

Yeah, Albert Einstein has 4 Labor AND Delivery rooms. Unlike Sao Luiz where it’s just Labor rooms, you may actually get lucky and get an L&D room, and then the C-section rate is lower than the rate I faced in California (30%).

I was all excited to see the hospital today and make the decision… but as per the norm in my life they called at 9:30 for our 11am appointment letting us know every room, every surgery room, and every Labor and Delivery room was full up. Seriously, is this what I’m going to face if I choose them?

Also, in a frantic paranoid state I googled when people in Brasil schedule C-sections. In the US it’s usually Mondays (fyi).  From googling in Portuguese- seriously honing this skill- it seems Thursday/Friday are the preferred C days here.  Then the doc has the weekend off, and the family has the benefit of friends and family not working and being able to visit in the hospital.

So this baby be born mid week darn it!!


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  1. Friends of mine say Sao Luiz is better if proximity makes sense and if you want to go all natural, without any drugs. Einstein apparently is much better for natural + drugs (having more rooms) but they will cringe if you don’t want an epidural. I find this all so interesting even though Im not quite there yet.

  2. Congratulations on the pregnancy. I’m also an American expat living in Brazil and we’re expecting a baby next month. It’s difficult finding a doctor in Brasilia in the private hospitals that do natural (vaginal) births. The % of c-sections in this country is outrageous. I’m glad that you found a hospital with such a low %. I had a hard time finding a doctor who would deliver my baby vaginally, but now that I have I’m a lot more relaxed..

    • Yeah, it’s all about the class system I think. Because the normal hospitals do tons of vaginal without (I seriously almost wrote sem!) epidurals, when you get to private hospitals, women begin to think that a c-section is the upper class way to do things. I’ve been reading forums through google translate and it’s interesting to see how they think about it. Sounds like you have an awesome doctor though, and glad you were able to meet some of his patients too!

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