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Hospital Visit 1 – Sao Luiz

So I previously blogged a bit about the hospitals.  But today we visited Sao Luiz. It’s down the road from us, so convenient, and we know nothing about how things work here, so it was helpful to go and get their pamphlets.

Umm wow, so there is a whole entrance lobby area just for maternity— it is a maternity hospital, so that makes sense.  I didn’t see a bunch of pregnant women being wheeled around in wheelchairs, most walked in and sat down for an incredibly long time and seemed to be filling out paperwork. But overall, it was very posh.  Heck, just to get onto a maternity floor you had to pass a security guard (they love those security guards here in Brazil).

There is a Cartorio in the hospital, so you just go down to them with the certificate of live birth and your official or notarized copy of your marriage certificate, and walla you’ve got the birth certificate process completed.

The labor and delivery has two entrances… ala Brazil birthing of course.  One is the labor rooms (8) and the other is the C-section entrance.  Yeah, there’s no hiding the elective C here.  2 or the 8 rooms are for “natural” laboring.  i.e. there is a tub you can relax in and a birth ball, and music.  I take it these 2 rooms are probably nicer.  Of course they still then ship you off to the other side (C world) to do the delivery in an operating room.  Hubby has to go up get sanitized, and then can join you.

I found it hilarious, and my poor hubby was trying to understand what the tour guide was saying, when she said they provide the father a sling.  Love when Brasilians use English words, that don’t sound English at all.  And love even more that they give fathers a sling to stick their baby into for bonding. Love slings, but not for those first moments of life.. then again maybe dads drop kids on the ground all the time 😉

Post birth, the baby, a nurse, and a security guard step into the elevator with your child.  Your hubby can then run up the stairs if he’s crazy (like us), or catch the next elevator to the bercario (baby nursery).  Mom’s drugged up or being wheeled off to who knows where they never mentioned that part…and I forgot to ask.  Babe sits in the bercario for 3-6 hours … depending on when the mom is finally situated in her room and ready. I didn’t take photos of other peeps kids, but there were only like 3 newborns.  I think I may bring my pampers, as they all seemed to be using these awful plasticy blue diapers I bought once that gave my kid a rash.

floor bercario

Now for the rooms… umm okay. We gave birth at Cedar Sinai and saw their nicest rooms. .. and of course where half of Holywood had their babies.

Now let’s compare that $3784 a night room to the following R$1010 a night room.  Um seriously Brazil has got this whole pamper the mom thing down… for cheap.  Not sure who I’d put in the other area… my posse?

mac daddy suite

And of course it goes down from there:

To here:

And to the most basic of rooms, which is huge.  My husband noted the comfiness of the sofa bed compared to the pathetic cot he was given to sleep on at Cedars.  I noted that the bed actually laid flat. I hate that about US beds. I couldn’t ever just lay freakin flat.

Food wise, you either order, or the nicer rooms come with free meals, up to free petit fours and tea, etc. The photos above list what the “extras” are with each room.

But here’s the menu. I had to laugh at the extensive cafe list. How Brazilian

Also, love that the walls are not just hospital white. Way to bring in that Brazilian spice.

I know SUPER SUPER long post. Finally the bathroom. Note the complimentary slippers. Which I found ironic, since they provide those, but the tour guide told me to bring my own pads for the post bleeding.  Seriously, why the heck wouldn’t they provide pads?  She also told me to bring my own clothing.. again I find it hard to believe I couldn’t sit in a hospital gown… but she probably finds it hard to believe any self respecting Brasilian woman would want to right?


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  1. Jealous, jealous and jealous.

    It seems everything I wanted for my birth. I am making lots of tough choices right now. I can’t find a doctor who will do a natural birth in my city. It’s really also a problem that I’m getting really worried and nervous. I don’t feel ready or prepared in any way for a normal birth. I’m good with pain but not MY blood. I feel very sick when I see my own blood. I looked at a c-section and normal birth video, I threw up after getting nervous. Actually I wanted to throw up and faint at the same time.

    My city is really rural, although really developed for a rural Brazilian city. We have a nice posh hospital too. But I’m pretty sure they ONLY do c-sections.

    It’s strange the culture here with c-sections, but at least Sao Paulo has options and they are prepared, thus your able to prepare. I was thinking about delivering at the public hospital here, but everyone is telling me it’s only by luck you have a good experience there. People are super rude, they won’t help you, the doctors are lazy and it’s a fight to get any medication- the list goes on and on. My overall experience from the hospital is across the board, you luck out if you get a good doctor, and vice-versa. But you will have a natural birth.

    • well the good news is with a c-section they put up a curtain, and with your own birth you’re not really at that end of the table. I actually refuse to watch any of those videos.. I don’t want to scare myself or put odd ideas into my head.. I think in the end if you don’t go to the hospital too early, RELAX and think positive thoughts, and then show up and ask for your epidural you should be more than fine. Just don’t go to the hospital too early, as if you get an epidural too early then it slows down your labor and you risk yourself having a C-section more. So just don’t rush to the hospital right away. Since you are in a small city I am betting that shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

  2. We loved Sao Luiz but Tim had a crap night sleep on that couch the first night as they come in every other hour to do some test, give you more jabs and bring the baby back to you. Advice is for him to go home that first night and get a good nights sleep!!
    Also used the ‘natural’ room – pool and ball was great but you still have to get on bed to deliver

    • Yeah I hear Albert has 4 Labor AND Delivery rooms, which would be nice. Also, until you’ve seen the cot they call a bed at Cedar Sinai, you can’t knock the couch. I slept like a doll with my first child, I can’t imagine what they would want to test all night long for!

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