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Easter cravings

Easter is coming around again and so that means all the giant chocolate Easter eggs, filled with candy are starting to pop up int he stores.  Those suckers are expensive, but some of them are delicious.  Hubby will probably get some from his “mandatory union” that he belongs to at work.  But right now, this very day, my mouth is seriously missing me some peanut butter special Easter M&Ms.I’ve been thinking about them for weeks now, and now that Easter is upon us, I really really miss these giant peanut butter filled sweets.


About scrubgrub

I'm just another soul on the internet, posting random thoughts into the ether, because well I love stumbling on other peoples random thoughts, so I figured why not add mine to the mix too. I'm also the mom to two very funny little boys, and how can you not share that with everyone?

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