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Pre-baby nesting

When the luggage came out on our bed this morning, my husband looked at me and said, “Isn’t it early to be nesting.”  Considering last pregnancy I cleaned the ENTIRE house from top to itty bitty bottom and spent like $500 on organizational boxes for the home at 6 months, I’m going to say 7 months is a late start.  I had lists, and books, and measurements for the crib with cut out pictures from magazines last time This time, I’m much more relaxed. We’re moving back to the US in June, so I’m not planning any baby rooms, as our kid will sleep in our bed.. gasp… whatever folks.

While I was in California a friend gave birth a month earlier, which made me think, “I’m having a baby in a foreign country, and I haven’t prepared anything!” So begins the researching, and questioning, and googling. Thus the sudden explosion of baby-centric blog posts.

My husband wants to have the baby at Albert Einstein (although we’re doing a tour of Sao Luiz next Wednesday, as it’s SUPER close, and with Brazil traffic my husband is kind of liking the idea).  Albert Einstein’s tour isn’t until March 3rd.  From googling it seems that Sao Luiz rooms are nicer, but we’ll see.

Sao Luiz room:

Albert Einstein’s room:


What I did discover however is that the hospital tells you to bring a bunch of items with you!

Translated (thanks O Google)

6 sets of jersey or shirt;
6 breeches;
Two blankets;
6 overalls suitable to the climate;
6 pairs of socks;

I asked my maid, and she said that it is very common for many births here to bring pretty much everything.  Obviously I’m a rich expat with a very nice benefits package, so I won’t have to bring diapers or things like that, but it’s an option on some of the “lower packages” at the public hospitals.

Also, it recommends bringing your gowns with the other personal items.   Not sure if that’s due to people having a preference to always look presentable here, or if it’s because the hospital gowns are extra or something.  But I’ve packed those too, just in case I do hate the hospital gowns or something. I did youtube search as well, as it’s SUPER SUPER SUPER big here to take photos and videos of everything.  TONS of videos of everything from the C-Section, to the kid’s first bath. The last place I wanted a camera was anywhere near me or the birth, and if one is snuck in, the last place on earth it will be posted is the internet!


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  1. Coming back in June?? Wow!! Good luck with the delivery. You guys are champs.

  2. Holy moly the room at Sao Luiz is nice!! I know a few people who’ve had babies there and loved it. Now I see why! Good luck choosing, June is just around the corner wow. You were here 2 years or just 1?

  3. I had to make my mother promise on her life that she wouldn’t allow my Brazilian husband to take any pictures of the birth.

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