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A free pediatrician visit!

Ahh something free from a doctor. It’s a miracle.  I visited my son’s pediatrician today for a “consulta,” where he explained the whole baby birth process, not the mommy side but the baby side.  My obgyn was vaguer, so it was helpful to get a good understanding. Seriously, great pediatrician, and perfect English to boot.

Immediately after birth

Just like the US they do Vitamin K shots, cleaning, weighing, and Hep B vaccination. As this is Brazil you also get a TB vaccination, which makes sense.

The eyes get Silver Nitrate put in them, but the belly button does not.  If you want to use antibiotics like the freaking modern world does then you are S out of luck.  A. Silver Nitrate is mandated by law, so there is no arguing. B. The alternative isn’t recognized here, nor is it even found in Brazil. **Update** Per Albert Einstein you can opt out of Silver Nitrate.

They will then take your child from you and put them in an observation room. UNLESS you insist on breastfeeding, if you don’t, off goes the baby for 4 hours.


The  child goes into observation in just the diaper and are under a heat lamp the whole time.  I kind of think that’s a bit much, but whatever.  I’m going to try and convince the doctors to let me keep the baby with me… I doubt they will listen but will see.

Then they do yet another exam and you get your kiddo back to bond with.

Day 2

They do the hearing tests and the genetic testing.  Your pediatrician then comes to the hospital to check the kid out if you call; otherwise you get to do the office visit afterwards.  If you are going to circumcise, you get to call a special surgical pediatrician… and here they don’t do them, or if they do they have a modified one that they’ll tell you about.

They also send you home with a little hospital grade alcohol bottle for the belly button should you need it.

Hospital Stay Length

As I’m using Albert Einstein (this echos what my ob said) the package my insurance covers is 2-3 days (you buy “packages” here, and most expats can get the nice ones). Usually it’s the C-sections who choose all 3 days.  We will see what the food is like, as I have to admit I’m partial to having an air conditioned room for 3 days, so may just push my insurance to allow all 3 days.  But I know some women want to get home after 2 days. Either way it’s your choice, which is nice.  I hear the hospital rooms are amazingly nice here, so I’m looking forward to that.


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  1. Is Hep B really necessary at birth? Goodness gracious. Isn’t it transmitted sexually or through IV drug use?

    • it’s been found in saliva, though probably from a cut in the mouth, but either way Hep A and B are pretty high in South America, so it’s like TB an extra precaution.

  2. Thank you for that! That was really informative and something i hadn’t even thought about! (mainly because we arent thinking of babies yet…) but i will need that information sometime down the line!

  3. I am really concerned about having a baby in Brazil. I don’t like their practices they are outdated already in the US. Silver Nitrate is not used in the US anymore for health reasons., they don’t use episiotomies any more unless really necessary, they do c sections unless necessary. Makes me very nervous and apprehensive about moving their. Do you know if they do chromosomal testing to test for down syndrome and other genetic diseases?

    • they did chromosonal testing with my nuchal fold, but I wasn’t around for the later in depth ultrasound that I did last time with my son. But they love testing here, so I would assume yes.


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