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Restaurant Wishlist for Brazil

I am sadly let down when it comes to restaurants in Brasil.  I’m sure they exist, like Avenida Paulista I’m sure has some great ones.  But I’m not in the “city” even though I’m in the city.  I’m in Brooklin-Paulista, which is surrounded by a bunch of main roads/freeways.  In LA, this was great news, as it meant I could get places fast.  For me it means that when rush hour hits, I’m blocked in, so we tend not to go out at night.  Ok the truth is, my husband I both work till 10-11pm most night, and I’m pregnant with a 1 year old, that adds to it).

However, I have acquired a list of online researching of places I think look good based on reviews.  This is my fantasy, I’d like to eat here one day and see if it’s as good as it looks.

  1. Rong He in Liberdade makes fresh noodles, and very authentic Chinese food.
  2. Tantra looks cool and is asian fusion, and actually prints the menu online
  3. Food blogger’s restaurant recommendations all look yummy and she lists price points
  4. Olivia no excuses, this one is down the street from me.
  5. Butchers Market doesn’t that just sound yummy?
  6. Ribs Costela Nobre, is just ribs, but ribs are yummy and I’m kind of sick of Outback for ribs.
  7. La Casserole – seems fancy yet reasonable!
  8. Itig0 an Izakaya in Brazil, and I love myself a good Izakaya
  9. Several “best Japanese” restaurants on this list.. I’m a sucker for Japanese food and I really miss it as I haven’t had it yet here.
  10. Portal da Coreia I miss Korean food… convincing the hubby will be the hard part
  11. Namga I miss Thai food too

So that’s the list. Maybe you’ve eaten there, is it worth the time?



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  1. I really don’t miss other foods right now. I think I’m so thrilled with all the home cooking, new (to me) fruits, and rice and beans, but I also think I’ll really enjoy ethnic foods on a trip back.

    Thanks for the reference list!

  2. Jennifer, agreed I do enjoy all of the fresh cooking I do here. I grew up with a mom who didn’t use Campbell’s soup, so I already tended to do a lot of home cooking from scratch, but now am forced into it even more (no frozen bags of mixed veggies anymore!). In fact, I’m usually making a variety of foods from Brazilian to Korean, but sometimes (when you are 7 months pregnant), standing in front of the hot stove gets old, and you want someone else to make all those yummy Chinese dumplings, or grill the steaks to perfection. 🙂

  3. I’m with you. We both came from great culinary cities. But I must admit, when you do find good restaurants, they are good. Hope you don’t mind if I reblog this list for those you are not in the know… like me.

    • I know right? But to be fair, Brazil has some AMAZING restaurants, it is just knowing where they are. Go right ahead and reblog.

  4. Reblogged this on born again brazilian and commented:
    My list of good eats in Sao Paulo is short, so maybe you can find some gems from a fellow Brazil blogger.

  5. Have you tried some of the perennial favorites like Familia Mancini (Italian), Bolinha (feijoada), Consulado Mineiro (typical of Minas Gerais), Fogo de Chao (rodizio-style barbecue) or Pizza Bras?

    Another good reference is the Folha de Sao Paulo (newspaper) website:

    If Brooklin isn’t that great, look for places in Moema. It’s close by and definitely full of good restaurants. Other than that, you might just have to “travel” to other parts of the city (and get used to the idea that it’s takes at least 45 minutes to go anywhere – not during rush hour, of course :))

  6. Actually, you might want to start with this more specific selection first:

    I haven’t lived in Sao Paulo for a while now and I really miss some of those places. Then again, it all comes down to what type of food you like…

  7. Ah good list. We tend to stick to our hood in Vila Madalena as there is some great Lebanese and Mediterranean places. We love Saj and Tanger and great french place, Lola Bistro if you ever make it over here even though I know with traffic its a haul! Also a new place called Ruaa, it features local street food from around the world and the curry isnt too shabby!

  8. PS Butchers market is great!! Their cookie and ice cream sandwich is pretty much to die for!

  9. Fab – always looking for more to add to my evergrowing list! There is one called Mocoto out in Zona Leste way near Guarulhos which i’ve been dying to try. Anyone been?


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