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Pizza! Za.. Za. Za.

Love the stuff, crave the stuff, but am usually let down here.  It’s different, and unless you like real olives, you may not like every pizza they have here.  Thinks CPK, where they throw random things like boiled eggs and fresh spinach on the pizza pies. The crusts are all thing and crispy, and a nice chewy one is rare.  Heck, they’ve gotten to me, I’ve added green beans and carrots to pizzas I’ve made at home.  The throw everything and anything on a pizza way here has gotten to me finally.  However, I still crave American style pizza.

Thus why we were pleasantly delighted with our Pizza from Speranza, simple, doughy pizza.


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I'm just another soul on the internet, posting random thoughts into the ether, because well I love stumbling on other peoples random thoughts, so I figured why not add mine to the mix too. I'm also the mom to two very funny little boys, and how can you not share that with everyone?

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  1. Yum! Thanks for the recommendation. I am a fan of paulistano pizza, but I do crave American style as well.

  2. Sao Paulo Pizza is the absolute BEST in the whole wide world, even reconized by hard core Italian Pizza lovers.
    Please refer to my most popular post of all time:

    Sorry, I love the US to death, defend it all the time, but when it comes to Pizza, it is a disaster, greasy acid stomach bombs, thick crusts with no consistency, canned tomato sauce that you can taste the can’s chemicals in the Pizza.
    Super greasy spicy pork sausage, pepperoni and green peppers!!!
    Sorry, these ingrendients are not a good match for any Pizza if you ask me, and don’t even get me started with Pineapple on a Pizza.
    Anthony Bordain was seen making fun on how disgusting Pizza with Pineapples are in an episode in Italy, where Pizzas with Pineapples are a crime punishable by law…
    But I guess we can’t argue with taste, people like what they like, thank God for anti-acids! 😉
    I have to agree with you that there is a bit of an exageration when it comes to the variety of ingredients found on Pizzas in Sao Paulo, Gil hates the new trend, it wasn’t always like that, and I would say the intense competition among Pizza places in recent years is to blame.
    My brother took us to “Santa Pizza” at Vila Madalena on our last visit to the city and we were horrified, they had all sorts of exotic Pizzas such as Capivara meat and Zucchini…Please, these people should have their restaurants closed by the “Good Pizza Police”!!! 🙂
    I still think Paulistana Pizza is better than any Pizza you could ever find anywhere in the US, yes, I am a Pizza snob… 😉
    Ok, here is the plan, we need to get you in touch with some nice Brazilians and make sure you find more good Pizza places to go!
    Thanks for sharing Speranza is a great Pizza place in Sao Paulo.


    • No Ray, you don’t understand, she misses Pizza hut (known for the scandal of using plastic cheese to keep prizes low) you know most US citizens are hooked to cheap.

      • geeze really you are trolling to increase traffic to your new blog. All I’m saying is sometimes I miss knowing there is a nasty greasy $10 pizza I can pick up in 5 minutes or less… but mostly it was hyperbole emphasizing the fact that I miss the greasy american pizza.

  3. Here’s the thing about pizza: it varies greatly, and not just in quality. Chicago, New York, Sao Paulo, Rome, Naples… all called by the same name, all very different. I think Chicago deep dish is delicious, I love Pizza Brás and I also enjoy a bare bones Roman pizza, but saying one is superior to another hardly seems fair. Ray, I don’t think she was saying that she’s been eating bad quality pizza in Sao Paulo. In fact, she seems to have grown to like Sao Paulo pizza. It’s just that when you’ve got a craving for a certain style of pizza eating another can be a poor substitute.

  4. Ehh Ray, I like the variety of pizza, although there seems to be more of a Sao Paulo style. I’ve found most of your neighborhood pizza places are pretty similar. And sometimes as Zoe pointed out I want some variety.
    As for types of pizza, if you’re going for authentic Italian style, that’s always great. Deep dish Chicago, sometimes I’m in that mood. Downtown LA has Pizza Next door, and their candadian bacon and pineapple pizza is divine. … and pineapple is considered a GREAT compliment to ham, and quite normal. Greasy NY style street pizza, and even gasp Pizza Hut pizza have their place. It just depends what you want to eat at the time.

    Pizza is like sushi to me. Yeah you can be a purist and only want the most authentic of sushi, but then you miss out on all of the new creations that have popped up. Yeah Toro on just rice is divine, and I’m not quite a fan of cream cheese in sushi, but I don’t fault anyone who does as there have been some really delicious, creative rolls that I’ve happened upon.

  5. Zoe,

    I agree with you, everyone has their different Pizza, hey, sometimes I don’t even think they should be called the same thing. Like I jokingly said on my comment, I am a Pizza snob 😉
    And in my not so humble Pizza snob opinion Sao Paulo top the Pizza charts.


  6. Dear Scrubgrub,

    Don’t even get me started on Sao Paulo Sushi!!! I love it and miss it bad!!!
    Yeah, you can call me a Pizza purist! Ha! No Capivara meat and Zucchini on my Sao Paulo Pizza, thank you very much! 😉



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