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Thick and Thin

On the flight back from Miami I watched “Up All Night.” While it’s got funny actors, I never would have been drawn to watching it.  As a mom and a soon to be mom, I’ve gotta admit it was funny.  However, in the course of the show they shared a quote.  Basically, as you get older, you can have a great face and a fat arse, or a tight arse and a face like skeletor, but you can’t have both.

That saying is sooo true on so many levels.  You can have fresh hot bread, and exotic tropical fruit, and no snow and give up your peanut butter M&Ms, or you can have peanut butter M&Ms, and live in the US 😉

So when I saw this photo on Facebook I had to post it.  Brasilians would unilaterally agree that US women are too skinny, and I have to say, I love Brasil’s love of curves.  When I was watching TV in the US, I thought to myself, is she supposed to be attractive, she’s tooooo skinny.  When I lost a bunch of weight I thought I was too skinny…I’m curvy, but living in Brazil I’m even more aware of my Japanese ancestry…. I have no butt whatsoever, freaking Japanese genes.

So in summary, I can live in Brasil, and eat like a Brasilian and get nice and curvy (except for that freaking butt), or I can live in the US and be average and see images of skinny biatches all the time that make me go on cleanses.


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I'm just another soul on the internet, posting random thoughts into the ether, because well I love stumbling on other peoples random thoughts, so I figured why not add mine to the mix too. I'm also the mom to two very funny little boys, and how can you not share that with everyone?

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  1. Loving this. What’s with the skinny girls all over the place? Especially LA!

  2. HA! As I might have mentioned, I gained 20lbs here (yes 20). I went back to the U.S. and I saw the shocked and horrified look on the faces of my friends and family. But here in Brazil, I just here how great it looks and how pretty I am. Even though I’m working to get it off, I’m definitely appreciated the Brazil view on it.

  3. Well, I think this really depends. My husbands family definitely goes for the keira body (although my husband doesn’t side with them). They constantly are making comments about my body to me. My husband told me last night his mother was going on and on, about how my belly got too big for just one baby during my pregnancy. And that she won’t be surprised if two babies pop out. Although she also went on and on about at five months I was too skinny and too small, there was no way I was five month (due to morning sickness I lost a lot of weight and didn’t gain much during the first six).

    The second I lose or gain five lbs, it’s a dinner table discussion. I wanted a girl, but now I am so glad I’m not having one. It would be terrible pressure with this type of family. Not that my MIL even has the “perfect body” image. It’s annoying, at least walk the walk. But most of the women in my husband’s family starves themselves.

    But I too think Brazil is more open to curves and having meat on your bones. There are people here that like this stick think look too.

    • Yeah, I’ve read on Rachel’s blog about the need for perfection with women. I think there is definitely a high need for perfect looking women, but I would still think that even your MIL’s perfect body involves a bit more thigh and booty than the LA perfect body… but perhaps I’m wrong.

  4. I have noticed that on TV women are meatier. It’s refreshing, but still objectifying when I see Faustao with the dancing ladies behind him, that have NOTHING to do with the show. So then not so refreshing.

    • I know right?!! My husband was watching a skit, and in the background of this skit was some half dressed girl just dancing… and the skit was set in the middle ages or something, it was SOOO odd, and SOO Brazilian.

  5. Yes, I totally agree, and the curves I have keep expanding but I no longer worry so much, its appreciated here (however sometimes obnoxiously as Jennifer mentioned). The US puts way to much importance on skelator its gross!!

  6. I’m prego, so the curves have definitely expanded for me too 😉


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