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Addicted to your email?

A friend sent me a news snipit regarding  answering work emails after hours . . . something I’m very guilty of doing, as I think I’m addicted to email.  I’ve stopped sleeping with the phone near my bed so that I’m not tempted… I’m that bad.

Well, it turns out that Brasil passed a law stating that if you are answering those afterhours emails or phone calls, then you may be eligible for overtime.  Brasil people don’t sue for much.  I could trip fall and break my entire face in Pao de Acucar because of a giant oil slick, and well that’s my fault for not paying attention.  However, when it comes to HR and employment then, yes there is huge protective laws for employees… and with that huge budgets for lawsuits and taxes, lots and lots of taxes.

I can tell you that my husband gets calls at all hours, Sunday, at midnight, at 5 am.  The work calls come in constantly.  And this is after he gets home anywhere between 9pm and 1am every night.  Especially in Sao Paulo, the work ethic or desire to work crazy hours is bigger with Paulistanos than with other Brasilians.

The law states that employees who are subject to this can ask for overtime pay.  I think that means my husband will still get emails and calls, and the barrage will continue. However, it means in 10 years or what have you, he could always find a lawyer to represent him to sue for overtime pay.

I do think it’s great when companies remind employees not to send emails afterhours.  VW adopted a similar stance.  I usually tend to draft emails to go out at 8am, even if I wrote them tonight. That way my co-workers are not subjected to emails, even though I’m lame and emailing them after hours.


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  1. I used to be terrible – emailing at all hours of the night. But in my industry, that was the norm. I would also receive emails 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Totally addiction all around with some codependancy thrown in.

    This is an interesting law. I wonder if it applies just to hourly workers, or workers who receive salaries. In the U.S., all these laws kind of applied to the people who made an hourly wage.

    That amazing that your company actually told you not to send emails after hours!! What hour would that be?

  2. I can’t say my company is always great about not sending after hours emails, but it is something we are cognizant of when sending emails… does this email REALLY need to go out now? How will the person who gets it respond, will they feel a need to respond? Will it worry them unduly until tomorrow? It’s part of our sustainable life sustainable business belief.

    As for my husband, it’s not just hourly workers, but he’s a “professional” according to Brazilian law. If you have a CPA then you are considered a “professional” but a more junior individual who didn’t have a CPA but wasn’t hourly would fall under this law.


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