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Flights… with wee ones– we are back

I’m a pro at traveling with my kid. I’ve only flown with my husband and my son once, and that was when we flew up North in Brasil. I slept the whole flight as a way to get even… it was my “vacation.”  But normally I fly with my son alone.  When he was first born I took the 5 hour flight to Hawaii with my 3 month old.  Half the plane exclaimed they didn’t even know he was on the flight until after we landed and they saw me getting off.  Yeah he’s that good.  He sleeps through landings.  We made the trip with luggage (70lbs each) and all to Brasil, and every time I fly into the US for work, I fly alone, so I like to think I have it down.  So yes, I have been spending the Holidays with the family in the great old USA.

This time of course my kid is 18 months, i.e. wiggly and I’m 6 months prego.  And on top of the flight to the US, we had to make 2  flights to LA. with in a matter of days (carry on only because I hate having to check luggage and I’m cheap).  Thanksgiving day by the way, super great day to fly, airports are super chill.  The LA flights meant carry on luggage, on top of car seat and 20lb laptop bag and stroller.  Yes I had to sleep for 4 hours straight upon landing, and was exhausted, but we did it.  Hertz dropped me off at the airport in my rental car, so I didn’t have to take out the car seat, and load everything onto a shuttle… it was a nice “mom traveling alone” perk.  The really obnoxious LAX employee who made me go all the way back down to checkin just to prove my Carryon fit, well she can bite me. Of course it fit……I know what I’m doing here people.

I don’t travel with toys.  They end up being thrown, lost or just extra weight. I do load up my smartphone with some Xuxa videos and calming Baby Einstein, and lots of different new foods and sippy cups (I don’t like to wash them so I bring a few).  I found that American Airlines in Sao Paulo didn’t give me any priority access at checkin, unlike other airlines.  Oh well.  I also JUST MISSED getting to Gold Status this year as my flight back occurred on January 4th. SUPER BUGGED.

Blankets are my friend, it makes my kid feel like home and I can pile and snuggle them up to make a little bed for him if I have an empty seat next to me– this time I didn’t travel with the Ergo as I’m already carrying a baby 😉 and didn’t need two on my front– so we bought a seat.  I forgo naps when traveling, as once my kid is tired enough he always falls asleep in my arms… otherwise he won’t and play the whole flight.  We’ve got hours of on and off with lights, or playing with the air conditioning, or reading the colorful magazines to keep my kid entertained.  I have found videoing my son repeatedly and letting him watch himself is also a great distraction.  Seriously how did people travel before the invention of the smartphone?! Of course my kid is always best when we sit next to someone nice, who he can pretend to talk to or sing to, or generally just smile at.  So thank you to all of those passengers who have been friendly!

Most airports I can check in about an hour and a half before, and end up with time before the flight to let the kid run the airport halls, yell “WOOOW!” at each and every airplane, and generally wear himself out.  I’ve found that LAX is much worse… worse than GRU.  I always need to get there at least 2 hours before, and usually only end up with 5 minutes before take off!

We have now been back for a week, and people I’m about to take off again. Yes you heard right. I have to fly to LA again for two weeks. But this will be the first time I leave my son alone in Brasil with the nanny and husband.

But as you can see my nanny and son are best of buds. In fact when he saw the apartment from the taxi he started yelling out her name. Don’t worry he still calls my name when something is wrong or he needs help, is sick or has crapped his pants (the life of a mother)


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I'm just another soul on the internet, posting random thoughts into the ether, because well I love stumbling on other peoples random thoughts, so I figured why not add mine to the mix too. I'm also the mom to two very funny little boys, and how can you not share that with everyone?

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  1. I hate Lax, I almost missed my flight arriving an hour and half before on a national flight. It was the most insane airport ever. JFK isn’t so funny either. I’m a chicago girl, always will be. Altanta is terrible too, every time I have gone their my flight got canceled or what not, and I end up waiting for hours!

    Wow, your crazy insane super mom. How is that even humanly possibly what you just did? I thought flying to Brazil was the worst experience ever and I just one carry on and two check-ins. My mom and husband helped with everything. Rock on.

  2. Great tip on the blankie and video trick!! Am lucky enough not to have flown by myself with Sophie – but now that we have 2 the idea fills me with dread! Drugs next time?!?!?

    Enjoy the flight on your own! It’s a big treat to travel solo – watch movies, sleep whenever you want, go to the loo without making a 5 step plan and having a cheeky glass of wine without a chance of it being split on the passenger on the other side..

    • Yeah I was laying in my seat on the way back (my hubby was 10 rows behind in the exit row) and thinking how in the world am I going to go to the bathroom with my kid dead asleep right now in the middle of the night? Trying to make the plan, and all of a sudden my hubby tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I know you’re pregnant, so I thought I’d check to see if you need a potty break.” Traveling with your spouse, even if they’re not next to you is soooo wonderful.

  3. You are in the rough area when it comes to travel. Sophia was an excellent traveler until she turned 18 months. I’ve taken flights where she’s screamed for over an hour. At 3 years she got to be a good travelers again.
    Congrats on having such a good nanny!


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