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My son’s haircut is all the talk

My son is adorable.  I know, I know you all think the same thing.  He’s got these soft little baby curls, and I love it, and so as you can see from most of the photos, I never cut it (except for the bangs from time to time). A little video showing off his royal cuteness, with his curls.

Anyway, most of the convos I have in Brasil are “Linda! Fofa!” followed by me saying “LindO, fofO” and sometimes if the person is old they then scold me for giving my son long hair like a girl.  And if they’re catholic, sometimes the whole bible, religious thing comes out…. okay I don’t know their catholic, I’m just making the assumption since half of Brasil seems to be.

Anyway, since we’re heading states side shortly (can you tell I was a military brat at one point using the word states side?), he needed to get trimmed up as the curls would go away, and then my son really would look like a girl with long hair! So we decided to go with the whole Last of the Mohicans look…. with awesome curls.

We’re absolutely positive the grandparents will shave off the back as soon as his little tiny feet hit American soil, but as long as he’s in Brasil, he’s rocking this awesome curl hawk!



Of course, now that he has “boy” haircut you would think the criticism would stop.  But no, it continues, because Brasilians are opinionated and can’t help sharing their opinions…. it’s innate.  And I’m totally throwing Ray under the bus here, but prime example.  29 comments by him on my blog, he’s the top commenter… and they’re all LONG and full of Brasilian opinion… it’s not his fault, he’s Brasilian 😉

I now get,  “You are sooo unoriginal, you’ve cut your kids hair like Neymar.”  Or “Only punks have Neymar’s haircut, that’s soo ugly, yada yada yada.”

If you don’t know who Neymar is you’re a obviously not Brasilian.  He’s the forward on Santos’ Futebol team.  And yes, that’s our team, keeps my husband out of office politics of picking between the two Sao Paulo teams, and well Santos is kind of an awesome Soccer team.

Of course as we kept the length in the back, a little 3 year old girl on the plane ride up had a pretty strong convo with her mom that my son was IN FACT a girl, as he obviously had a very pretty face, and look at those long curls. I and her mom were dead wrong.  It was rather hilarious.

And for the record Neymar isn’t the ONLY nor first guy to sport a Mohawk, but he’s certainly the most popular right now!


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I'm just another soul on the internet, posting random thoughts into the ether, because well I love stumbling on other peoples random thoughts, so I figured why not add mine to the mix too. I'm also the mom to two very funny little boys, and how can you not share that with everyone?

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  1. Dude. You guys make cute babies. Good thing you’re having another one.

    I think his haircut is awesome. Better now than when he’s an adult!

  2. I have seen this haircut and can personally attest for how adorable it is… hope Cali is going great!


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