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Hubby has broken up with the GPS

So on Saturday we had our carefully planned sightseeing trip.  We’ve been stuck in the city the last few weekends, and we wanted to get out and see some more of Brazil!  Hubby found Paranápiacaba on Wikiloc  and it looked perfect.  Beautiful misty green city, with hiking, and trains! for the wee one.  It was a prefect day drive, so off we went after our son woke up from his nap.

And  then we missed the free way “split”  Things get tricky with the GPS when on freeways, and it’s a common occurrence.  Unfortunately, the way back according to the GPS took us through traffic ridden side streets. No biggie, just a slight detour!

I nodded off, and the next time I woke up we were bouncing along a dirt road. Yes, a dirt road.   Hubby assured me just 10 more kilometers… and round and round we went along these little dirt roads and through the jungle.  When we were “1 kilometer” away and driving through a dirt road through lush jungle, I pulled my kid out of the car seat and he got to drive with daddy. He was getting pretty angry, so we figured it was fairly safe… since there seemed to be NO ONE around.  I think this may have been the highlight of his day.

And then we arrived!

Isn’t it beautiful??  We let the monkey get out and run around for a bit, and then I turned to my husband and asked him where in the world he had driven us to!! The son loved it, as we also let him drive the car..

It wasn’t like there were other cars around . . .

Yeah, in case you are wondering, someone (ahem) decided to just type in the city name and GPS it. With the assumption that the GPS would take us to the center of the city… oh it took us somewhere.

The road it took us to was now covered in tall green grass, a dead end.  We were lost. And we were lost in the middle of nowhere.  Yes, there were cows wandering the roads!

I decided the kid wasn’t gonna take much more driving, so we might as well let him get the wiggles out and head back to Sao Paulo, and just try next weekend.

… next weekend is probably going to be a few months out, as when we got home my husband exclaimed while turning on the TV.

“I have whole Saturday’s full of fun for the next 4 months!!! “

Followed by a reverent sigh of

“College Football”


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  1. Sorry you guys were lost and never found Paranapiacaba, it’s not the GPS’s fault.
    Paranapiacaba is a small historic village built over 100 years ago, by the British who owned the rail road that connected Sao Paulo and Santos. It is located up in the Mountains ( Serra do Mar ) in a very remote area.
    It is a very interesting site, most people like to take pictures of the English style historic homes, train station and train depot but I never heard of anyone ever driving over there. You gotta take the train for easy access.
    If you just take the subway to Luz station, switch from the subway line into the train at Luz Station, take the train to Paranapiacaba. It might be a 45 minute train ride to reach Paranapiacaba by train and a cool trip to watch the change of scenery.
    The little town has lot’s of tourists during the weekend, mostly going on the hikes and taking pictures, you can see the Atlantic Ocean from up there, it’s beatiful, and I am sure most tourists ride the train up there. There might be a road, but I just never heard of it. 🙂

  2. Booo for college football!

  3. It was lovely to meet you and the little one today! I knew it – you were the one who had visited Paranapiacaba…except I had forgotten that you didn’t get there! Anyway, like I was saying, I go there all the time, as it’s not that far from where I live. (OK, exaggeration – from where you live to Paranapiacaba, I live in the middle! It still takes about an hour by train and bus to get there.) Here’s the link to the information about the tourist train to Paranapiacaba that goes from Luz most Sundays.

    You can also take the regular train anytime (for a fraction of the price) from Luz, Brás or Tamanduateí (or whatever station is easiest for you to get to) to the end of the line in Rio Grande da Serra, and then catch a regular bus from the train station to Paranapiacaba.
    It’s a bit of hike, but definitely worth it – completely different from anywhere else in São Paulo. Relaxing and very pretty, with hardly any cars, clean air, nice hiking trails, etc.

    E-mail if you’d like more info, or even if you don’t – I forgot to get your e-mail before you left…..


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