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Random Fortaleza conversation

So while we were in Fortaleza my husband pointed out that Fortaleza is a huge sex tourism place.  You know, Amsterdam, Thailand, and Fortaleza. Yeah, I’d never heard of Fortaleza on this list before either.  But at the Brasilia airport, there were posters (in English) reminding creepy guys that Brasil is not for sex tourism, and they can be put in jail.  My husband was telling me that it’s kind of sad, the girls up here don’t have a lot of money, there is a huge European tourist industry here, and the two unfortunately marry into a pretty sad state for the women and girls of Fortaleza.

See, we ate at this little Italian restaurant up the street from where we were staying.  The owners are Italian, there is no menu whatsoever, hot girls would walk into the restaurant kitchen, then walk back out, and my hubby said that last time he was there, there were gun shots, and the owners friends jumped up and started making calls on the pay phone out front… so sketchy place. But good cheap pizza.

He also said, he had a conversation with a single American guy who was there back in 2009, who told him that a lot of the tourists come here for the sex industry… creepy much.  Yeah, they rent a girl for a whole day, and pretend she’s their girlfriend or something. So then began the “is she a hooker” game.  It’s a very wholesome game I promise 😉

Here are the general rules we found that worked:

  1. If she was in some formal outfit, with nylons in this heat, waiting to be buzzed into our apartment, she was a hooker.
  2. If she was in a teeny skirt, calling someone on a cell before asking our security guard to be buzzed in she was a hooker.
  3. If she was super hot and barely dressed or really stuffily dressed with some really old white haired white guy, she was a hooker.
  4. If it was after 10pm, and she was in a mini sequined dressed with tons of makeup and junk in the trunk standing behind a light pole… she was probably a transvestite hooker…. and they LOVE to cat call.
Are you noticing that a lot of these women of the night were being buzzed into our apartment. Yeah, super comforting I know.  Hubby ran into a group of Italian guys in our apartment with one, and she totally propositioned my husband. Next time we go to Fortaleza, I think staying outside the main area is better. The beaches are cleaner, and so are the people.
The good news (maybe) is that Fortaleza has been cracking down on child prostitution. When I googled, I came across a BBC article on the child sex tourism industry, that did indicate my husband was right, Fortaleza was quickly overtaking Thailand as a sex tourism destination.  The article is really sad, but of all of the prostitutes we saw, we didn’t see any children, and the article does note that Brazil has been taking this issue seriously and been cracking down due to the World Cup.

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