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The interior.. interior. Altos and Floriano

My son’s favorite person in the world- “Inha” is from Altos, and is spending the next 3 weeks on vacation with her family, which coincides with our trip.  This was great, because after about a week without Inha, he was picking up the TV remote and saying “hello Inha” “hello?”

We got Inha’s address and googled it, only to discover that the town is so small it is only on Google Maps by name, none of the streets are viewable.  Heck, some of the streets were all dirt and grass.

Most of the houses are simple brick with concrete floors, the yards are usually large, swept, fenced-in dirt.  Everyone has fruit trees, the types of fruits that are rare in Sao Paulo, like acerola, caju, rose mango and one’s I don’t even know! It was a fun taste fest.  There were also chickens roaming the streets, but I was told everyone knows which chickens are theirs, and they always come home.  And they did, even after my son chased them all out of the backyard.

We visited several of my husband’s friends in Altos, and my son visited the water hose.  As the extreme heat was getting to him…even though he was only running around in slippers an a diaper

 The next morning we drove into Floriano.  Floriano was a bit more city and a lot more hot.  These streets were mostly paved or stone, and the houses had tile flooring, but I was still amazed that the roofs were the tile roofs you see in Brazil, with the red stone tile. I guess it doesn’t rain up here like it does in Sao Paulo, otherwise life would be very wet for them.

We spent hours just visiting with Brazilians, me and my pathetic Portuguese.  By the end of the day, I found that I was actually understanding a lot better than I did before, and I was more apt to say something in Portuguese than in English… like “hey hon there are cars ahead” came out as “temos carros aquele” … I didn’t say that my Portuguese was good.


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