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Guarana Jesus

This is the type of drink your 6 year-old daughter would order everytime you went out to eat. It is pink, fizzy, and tastes like bubblegum and cinnamon.

Guarana Jesus is only available up North, and other than Teresina, only available in Maranhao. It is Coca-Colas novelty drink of Brazil….and I have partaken.

Why it is called Guarana Jesus is beyond me…but it makes me want to call it Jesus Juice. Sue me, I like illiteration.



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I'm just another soul on the internet, posting random thoughts into the ether, because well I love stumbling on other peoples random thoughts, so I figured why not add mine to the mix too. I'm also the mom to two very funny little boys, and how can you not share that with everyone?

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  1. I’ve wanted to try this. You can read more about it here:

    This whole blog is really interesting too.

  2. This is very funny! When we go to Teresina, we always load up on Cajuina, but I’ve never heard of this. My husband just told me (with a bad face) it’s a thing from Maranhao (Sao Luis, he said). Like you described, bubble gum taste. Who would know? = ) Good to know!


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