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Day 7… final day in Fortaleza

So Day 7 in Fortaleza, we decided to pick up on one of our family’s favorite vacation pastimes… visiting Costco. Except they don’t have Costco here, so we hit up Sam’s Club.  We always find in interesting what they have in the store, as most times it is highly regional.

After visiting Sam’s Club we realized what huge morons we’ve been. We live in Sao Paulo.  We’ve lived here for 8 months, and we never once went to Sam’s Club.  The prices were quite reasonable, especially for the meat and dry goods. Man I feel like a schmuck.  I did notice that unlike the Sam’s Clubs in the US, they actually sell BULK BULK items, as a lot of businesses (not just hungry families) hit up Sam’s Club.

The best find for us, was our beloved Tim Tams.  These were not the same as the creamy Tim Tams we love so much, but a wafer Tim Tam.  However, we figured a Tim Tam is a Tim Tam is a Tim Tam. And if you are asking yourself, what’s a Tim Tam, well go out and buy yourself one… they are Australia’s favorite cookie for good reason. mmmmm

For those in the US, you can find Tim Tams at Target…mmm yummy yummy Tim Tam goodness.


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