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Day 3: Prainhia and Beach Park

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So technically it’s day 4, as day 1 should be when we arrived, but we were so tired that we didn’t do a whole lot on day one but grocery shop and try and get our son to go to sleep… you wake a one year old at 5am for a flight, he’s not a happy camper.  He was even angrier on “day 2” when we tried to put him down for afternoon naps. So today we thought we’d make it a special day for him.

We woke up at 6am (per his normal excruciatingly painful routine) and headed out to Prainhia a beach outside of Fortaleza city.  These are pristine, large sandy beaches that were perfect for the little guy.  No one was out at 10:30am when we arrived, so he had the beach to himself, to run up and down and collect shells, swim in the warm, blue clean water.

 It was low tide so the beach was very very large at this point, and 3/4 of the way to the beach restaurants (it’s Brazil, there are always the restaurants with shade and seats) there were little sandpools from the night before.

The water was very warm, the depth was perfect, and my son was set.

Had we stayed longer, we could have lounged in a hammock, played pool or swam in one of the pools. But we were set to go to the beach park today!

Yes, R$135 each. The Disneyland of Fortaleza, the largest water park in all of South America.  I was thinking, this had better be worth it!  And for me, Beach Park did not dissapoint.  Because it was a Monday, during school, on off season the park was very empty, it was perfect!  The lazy river had plenty of inner tubes, the wave pool wasn’t crowded at all, and there were no lines for any of the slides.  The best part about Brazil is that people are not sue happy here, and they love kids.

Case in point, there were 5 different play areas throughout the park for the little kids.  Usually there’s 1-1.5 at waterparks.  There were tons of slides, and water fountains, and water cannons, and water seesaws, and water jumpy chairs.  In fact, one of the larger twisty slides let us go down with our son in our lap, and other of the large slides, one of the life guards, hand held/walked my son down the slide (as parents weren’t aloud to sit their child on their lap for that one).  Overall, if you have kids it’s great. You can lounge in the sun and your kid can play in the kiddie section, which is adjacent to the “fun slides” that your husband and older kids want to go on.  Food wasn’t too bad either, we did por Kilo so paid ~R$30 for a plate of food.  If you forget baby food, the restaurant had a jar for R$7 … so about double in price of Pao de Acucar.


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