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Check your underwear

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I had to laugh when I read this news article.

Brazilian underwear to come with health warnings after 12 years of debate

Just like the cigarette packages here that comes with warnings, your underwear will also come with warnings.  You think they’ll be as … um graphic as the cigarette packaging?

So check your underwear packaging, because if you buy it in Brazil it’s going to remind you to get those mammograms or check for prostate cancer, and if you are a woman your underwear will remind you of the importance of condoms in preventing cervical cancer (seriously the zillion other reasons why condoms should be used were not important? And why are only woman’s underwear targeted?).

What’s hilarious (or sad) is that 12 years of government money was wasted on this bill.  The Brazilian government could have been looking at sooo many other important issues, but they spent their time on this one.  I also agree with the manufacturers, it will cost more for them to implement, and those costs will be passed along to the end user.  So next time you ask why things are so expensive here in Brazil, well here’s yet another reason.



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  1. thats weird? and hilarious/sad … i havent bought underware here yet, to be honest i still love buying that stuff back in the us but a very interesting post nonetheless!


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