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cough syrup in Brazil

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Ok, I KNOW NOTHING about this, and I could google the crap out of a bunch of fancy terms, but my head hurts and I don’t feel like it. So here’s my watered down version, and any of you readers out there got answers??

Hubby was sick recently and headed to the pharmacy to pick up some Cough Syrup. Just plane ole coat your throat and stop you from coughing syrup.  See he is asthmatic so he tends to cough rather loudly when sick (like I want to smother him with a pillow until he doesn’t breath anymore so I don’t have to hear him as every time he coughs my heart stops loud).  His throat get’s really irritable. So he just needs something to sooth it and calm it and not make him cough. Easy enough this silly American would think. Wrong. This is Brazil, nothing is easy. FINE nothing is easy when you’re a lazy American who has lived her 6 months and still only speaks broken Portuguese.

The lady at the counter let me go behind the counter to look through the cough syrups. I was looking for one without an expectorant, as he didn’t need it… that’s the last thing I need, something to make him cough more! Just the following 2… ingredients in Vicks Nyquil.

Dextromethorphan HBr 30 mg (Cough suppressant)

Doxylamine succinate 12.5 mg (Antihistamine)

Yeah, they didn’t have it.  Googling (fine I admit it, my google instinct got the best of me) did find a few medicines with the above fancy active ingredients (and several with expectorant as well), but didn’t seem super common.  What’s up Brazil? Is cough syrup not that common?  There were only 2 shelves about 2 feet wide at the pharmacy… and in the US such a condition would have at least 2 5 foot shelves… at least.


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  1. Ask for Xarope Melagriao, which is made with honey and watercress, it is a power cough supressant and it’s natural.
    Brazilians are not big on all the chemical/artificial stuff.
    Natural is the way to go and it works even better than the chemical crapp.
    Google “MELAGRIAO” 🙂


  2. They didn’t have vicks? That’s what my MIL was using last week….but i didn’t look to see if it had an expectorant…

    • Nah they have Vicks, it just has expectorant in it, and seriously maybe I was just being judgey, seemed a bit thinner.


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