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Since I have a wee one, I get to go to the Vaccine clinic every few months so he can get his round of shots.  I think if we were in the US, I’d probably put him on a somewhat modified vaccine schedule, but we’re in Sao Paulo, so he’s getting all of his shots, and then some!

See our doctor doesn’t give shots as he’s a clinic.  I go to SPAC and I really like the doctor. He’s very very friendly with my son and makes the whole thing fun, not so much a poke and prod.  That and he speaks perfect English. Anyway, right around the corner from our apartment is the Vacinar Centro de Distribuição e Imunização. For the record NEVER go on a Saturday, it’s packed.  We usually go right before his nap, he gets to walk there like a big boy, so looks forward to the trip, and then I carry him back and put him in bed.

The clinic is interesting because unlike the US, the nurse doesn’t just come in and pull out a shot and stick it in your kid, no here she brings in the full box, shows you the vaccine and the valid till date, then preps the needle in front of you.  I would tend to think this is a result of unscrupulous practices and probably some legislation (they legislate the crap out of things), to protect kids.  Either way it’s added comfort to me, and makes me feel a little more in control… in a situation parents usually don’t.



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