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My maid has introduced us to beijus, well hubby was already familiar with them as they are pretty popular in the North, but my son and I have now been introduced to them.  A Beiju is a crepe of sorts made solely from tapioca starch.  MMM yum you’re thinking 😉  They’re actually pretty good, the tapioca gives it a kind of gummy chewyness that makes it yummy. The centers are filled with various things, from plain ‘ole butter to cheese and ham or guava.

My son actually eats these, which totally surprised me!  I am lazy and just buy the packet of tapioca powder at the store, but in the US you have to buy tapioca starch and make it from scratch


1 kg of tapioca starch
2 liters of water

Let the tapioca starch soak for 2 hours in the water. Remove water and dry over a white cloth for 2 hours. Pass through a sieve. Heat a non-stick skillet, don’t oil or grease it. Keep the flame low.  Place the tapioca starch in the pan, smoothing the beijú softly into a crepe. Fry for about 3 minutes or until the beijú solidifies. 
When I made it from tapioca starch, I took half the bag and mixed with water and let sit for 45 minutes, then mixed with the dry powder.  It’s a bit quicker than the above method.  You want the tapioca to not be powdery anymore, but also not be wet, so kind of the consistency of bran.

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  1. Just curious, is your husband a Brazilian from the North?
    I had never tried this before but it sounds delicious. 🙂
    Have you tried “Bolo de Rolo”? It is also from the Northeast of Brazil but in Sao Paulo I could only find it at the Mercado Municipal, it looks similar to beijus but it’s a different type of cake.
    Bolo de Rolo is a very thin cake rolled with guava or doce de leite or other filling of your choice. Worth to try it.


  2. No he lived there for a bit, so I get to learn all the nuances of the North. Like the fact that they say “shut the light” or are known for having big heads… he also has a northern accent, so I am always fighting against learning those bad habits.

    Bolo de Rolo are everywhere here in Sao Paulo. Never seen doce de leite, but I see them at Pao de Acucar all the time. Very sweet and yummy.

  3. In the northeast you can find tapiocarias where they specialize in different kinds of tapiocas (a variation of beiju), from carne de sol to arugula with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. So delicious! Have you tried cuscus? In the US I can only find the wheat cuscus but every time we go to Brazil we buy a bunch of the corn kind. By the way, my husband has lived in Kauai for 3 years and loved so much!

    • Yes, I love tapiocas. Tapioca is big in Asian culture too, so I find myself wanting to try all of the various ones out there. Probably heading North in August, so lookin forward to it! I haven’t tried cuscus here no, I’ll have to seek it out. Kauai, I loooove Kauai. I live there when I was under 3, and only get to go back now on vacations. EXTREMELY jealous.

      Ray- oh don’t worry it’s SUPER expensive everywhere, thus why I rarely buy it. But Guava and me go way back, so I couldn’t say no to purchasing it just to try it out.

  4. Cool, this must be new, in my days you could only find it at the Mercado. 🙂
    The one at the Mercado is SUPER expensive and I always buy some and bring it back to a New Yorker friend who lived in Recife.
    Good to know they have it everywhere now.


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