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Candy in Brazil

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When I lived in LA, my sister and I once went on a quest for the best pie in LA. We drove everywhere and tried various types of pies, anywhere we could find it.  Clementines on Santa Monica has a take home and bake pie for $25.00.  I think it’s the best.  Al Gelato’s in Beverly Hills is also great, that’s on Robertson.  But I digress, my sister and I also like to collect KitKat flavors.  See in Japan they come up with all kinds of crazy KitKat flavors. If we see a new flavor we buy it, and tell the other about it.  They’re not all that great, but it’s the novelty of it. So of course, when I moved here my sister wanted me to give her the 411 on what candy is like in Brazil.

Brazil isn’t really big on candy.  I don’t know what I’m going to do if I get pregnant down here, because there’s no sourpatch kids for me to chomp on until the insides of my mouth are raw.  In fact, most of the gummy and fruit candy looks pretty pathetic/cheap/waxy looking.  My husband is SERIOUSLY missing his red vines.. in fact I’m ordered to add that to the list of smuggled items.  They do have these straw candies I saw the other day, but they’re SOOO sweet and filled with some kind of marshmallow fluff.  So yeah, needless to say, candy for us here is chocolate.

But yesterday, while perusing the neighborhood candy store I found Mentos in tropical flavors! Oh how I love Mentos, fruity and chewy, and these creative, exotic flavors called to my food collection fetish. So I can promise you, as I see more I will be buying them all up!

So far there was Guarana & Orange, Coke & Lime, Pineapple, Grape, Melon, and Coconut Yogurt.


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  1. Ohhh I love mentors, Ill have to hunt for those flavors! I miss candy so much sometimes, and I am a big dark chocolate person and that is also very hard to find here =(

    • I find dark chocolate here all the time. Even eating the “semi sweet” garoto chocolate bars is actually really dark and bitter, stronger than any semi sweet in the US. I’ve only seen the really exotic flavors in candy stores.


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