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A bit o’ country in the city

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On sundays we like to go for strolls around our neighborhood.  One of the really nice things about Brazil is they understand the importance for a neighborhood park, and not just one… tons of them!  Up the street from us is a park that is mostly trees.  There is a small play area for the kids, and a dirt patch for soccer I would suppose, then the rest of the fenced in park is a lush jungle with paths.  It’s not big at all, but just strolling on a dirt path through the trees is such a welcome relief to all the concrete.  Either way, we like to go on neighborhood explorations for new parks and let our kid get out of the house.

On our latest one we discovered

There was an event going on, and we asked and it was free– the word’s we love to hear most.  I’m glad I had taken some time before the walk to clean myself up, as it was a horse show jumping competition… so all of the wealthy Brazilians were out and about.  I was still sporting my Havianas (I am from Hawaii after all, you can find me in the dead of winter with snow on the ground wearing slippers, they’re just part of who I am!).  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, watching young kids and adults horse jump.


My son was completely caught up with the horses.

I was caught up with people watching!

Total side note, but something I notice all the time here with wealthier Brazilians.  The guys are super old and not that attractive, and the women are super hot.  Not saying old geezers don’t marry/date young hotties (can we say Playboy?)  However, when you see old guys in LA, they always seem to try and look as young or hip as the girl they’re with.  Shoot even Hugh is fit for an 82 year old.  But here in Brazil, it’s like they realize they have the money, why do they have to try and prove anything.  Balding, big old belly, old geezer clothing (ok not always but definitely not usually hip).  It’s the oddest thing.


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