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So I had to break this into a separate post.  During last weekend’s visit to the sitio, during the day some of the fun my son got into, was a visit to a parrot farm.  The sitio is right next door to a parrot farm. Really cool for us visiting American’s, probably not so fun for the neighbors.  I had my concerns about the permanent hearing damage I was possibly inflicting on my son, but figured how often would any kid get such an awesome experience.  It wasn’t until we were in the first room full of screaming parrots, that the owner exclaimed how shocked she was our son wasn’t crying like every child before him (umm thanks for the pre-warning?).  He actually didn’t cry at all, although he held onto us a little tighter, and was quiet and wide eyed.

We saw soooo many different types of parrots, parrots who spoke, tiny parrots, giant squawking parrots that we were told attack each other. Parrots building their nests, so their feathers were all plucked out.  It was crazy, and really fun.

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In the nursery room, which was a ton quieter, my son was more interactive and got to pet a parrot, while my husband and I got to hold one.  When the Hyacinth Macaw was put on my arm, it slowly began to inch up my arm– which was the first clue to me that my eyes were going to be gauged out– and as I got warier and warier, it began to pick at my hair. Yes the dang thing ate my hair! The owner also had it flap it’s wings, and man is that bird strong!!


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  1. I LOVE parrots. They are such interesting animals. I had a parrot a while back, and let me tell you, she was SMART. She knew how to get what she wanted when she wanted it.

    Nice story!

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