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The beach in the winter

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Saturday our family headed to Guarujá as our son has recently begun walking, and we thought a nice stroll down the beach sounded nice.  It was COMPLETELY overcast, grey and misty, but it’s Sao Paulo so it wasn’t unbearably cold.  I’m sure if you asked a Brazilian they would tell you it was too cold to be out, but for us it was nice.  No sun to worry about burning and over heating my child, and because the water was warmer than the air, the ocean felt warm.  No we didn’t go for a swim, but we did walk along the beach of a long bit of time.

From the large jelly fish we encountered on the beach I would assume this would be another reason to avoid swimming at the beach.  It was so beautiful, I wanted to help it, but short of carrying it past the breaking waves, I’m sure it was too late for the poor thing.

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We ate at a little restaurant along the beach- Lobster Risotto.  It was really buttery and a bit fishy, and my husband warned me we should probably not be eating seafood in Brazil.  Sunday morning when my son began the throw up fest for about 5 hours, and when I spent half of July 4th curled in a ball, I decided Sunday wasn’t the flu and it was the Risotto…as I’ve never encountered a 4-5 hour flu.  And yes, I realize that shellfish is a food that should be avoided until my son is 2… I realized this after the first bite, and at that point as my son wasn’t purple, red, or blue I figured why not.


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