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I almost killed my kid last weekend…

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We headed out to the sitio again to visit our Brazilian family down here in Brazil.  My son loves it as he gets spoiled by the Grandma and Granpa down here. Every time he ventured into the kitchen (which wasn’t too often as there were SOOO many other things to get into), he would get a chocolate cookie or other treat.   Like canjica, a white hominy corn cooked in milk and sugar.   I took a bite and then shared some with my son, he took a few bites, then I took another…. and realized that toasted peanuts are also included in the dish. Well, I guess being all the way out of the middle of nowhere, down some dirt road is the best time for me to introduce my wee one to peanuts, why not?!  Thankfully no allergies. By the way, he really loved the stuff.

All the cooking was for a Festa Julina (this is not a real festival just a play on words).  We had promises of tons of Festa Junina food, fire, dancing and fun.  Fun meant lighting lanterns and letting them drift upwards. The sad thing is, I think my son now thinks that’s what the moon is, as this weekend was the first time he’s got to see it! See we can’t see the moon from our apartment as the other apartments block it out!

I couldn’t help but think this kind of wanton burning of things would never fly in California, the state terrified of fires… but hey when half your state burns down every few years, I guess it’s a warranted fear.

My son loved the whole evening.  He had a whole audience of people to interact with, and ran back and forth through the party talking to people.  Of course, there were plenty of toys for the kiddies.

And like all Brazilian parties, LOTS of  food … a sweet corn pudding that he downed in no time.  The sugar really got him hamming it up and social.


He LOVED dancing to the hip hop being played as well as to the FoHo.  In fact, we’ve trained (yeah like you train a dog) our child to start dancing whenever we say “danca Gatchino, danca,” so all of the Brazilians loved that.

You think he wouldn’t have been as social, as besides me feeding him peanuts, I also let him get stung by a bee!  When we were getting ready for the part, I saw a bug on his chest and swept it off…dang it…it was this teeny “bee” as we were told and it stung him!  Sure why not, I’ve already tested the peanut allergy, why not test his bee allergy?  The sting swelled up and a giant red path formed around it.  He was such a trooper, he only cried for about 45 seconds, with the occasional whimper for the next 5 minutes.  As I am frantically googling reaction to first bee sting 1 year old, and reading the symptoms off to my husband “weezing, dizziness, passing out”… yeah if our 1 year old had passed out, I think my husband would have lost it.  Our friend then says, oh no those bees don’t sting, they bite. So for me that’s not technically a bee, but things get lost in translation I guess.  Either way, son is still alive and kicking and biting 🙂


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