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Before I had my son, I had 3 friends get pregnant and I researched strollers.  Inglessina Zippy was the stroller I told them they should get, it seemed perfect.  2 years later, I did the whole stroller research thing again, because I was pregnant with the cute little ball of Fofo that you guys see plastered all over the blog.  Once again, the Inglessina Zippy came out on top.

I love this stroller.  I bought it for several hundred under by buying a 3 year old model off of a store online.  The only real difference was that the cover’s back has a plastic peek through instead of the ability to velcro open and let the cool breeze blow through.

Why I like this stroller

1) It is a dream to travel with!

The stroller opens with one hand and closes with one hand.  Yes, you can have your kid in one arm, and just grab the handle and shake it open.  To close it you grab a little latch on the back and pull, and ZIP!

Once it does close, it closes upright like an umbrella stroller, and it stands up.  Yes, no bending down to fold it in half and pick it up.  You are still standing with your kid, or luggage or what have you and your stroller is right there in front of you like a golf bag.

Once up, just like a golf bag you can pull it behind you with the wheels.  This isn’t the most ideal things, and does wobble a little bit.  But it’s come in handy when I have been so burdened down that I couldn’t “carry” it.

Should you want to carry it, there is a handle on the side that you can use to pick it up with.

2) It folds up compact

We keep ours right outside our front door, in the little “receiving area” between the elevator door and our front door.  It sits in the corner, quite out of the way.  If I want to throw it in the trunk I can. When my trunk is full of luggage, we’ve thrown it right behind the passenger seat upright, and there is sat.

3) It handles the Brazilian sidewalks just fine

The sidewalks here are like rolling hills. To deal with this I lock one or two of the front wheels, and I am not constantly trying to keep the stroller from rolling down.  The brake on the back just needs to be put down and both rear wheels lock.

I do notice there is some “squeaking” of the wheels when it deals with the slanted sidewalks, or super bumpy roads.  However, it has a pretty good shock system.  Not that my kid doesn’t love the bumps anyway.

4) The sunshade is awesome

The sunshade, when my son is all the way up, goes right down to the bumper bar (it comes with a bumper bar and one of those kiddie toddler trays).  No son can get in, at all!

5) The rain slicker

The model I got came with the rain slicker, that goes over the stroller.  The new model comes with the foot muff instead that keeps your kid nice and toasty.  As we are in Brazil, having the rain slicker is awesome.  I use it sometimes when it’s cold, as it provides insulation from the wind too.

6) Easy snap in

The straps are really easy to put your kid in and out if, and have removable washable padding.  Not only do each of the shoulder straps come down and snap into the crotch strap, but there are also hooks to unhook shoulder strap.  This is nice when your kid is asleep and you don’t want to play, “gently pull arm through shoulder strap”

7) Great for newborns

I also bought online the bassinet, which my son slept in and I pushed around the house during the first weeks of life.  The bassinet is super comfy and my son loved it. I didn’t bring it down to Brazil though, as it’s not compact at all, and my kids big now.

Even if you don’t get the bassinet, the stroller does lay back– not completely flat, but my son doesn’t like it completely flat.  The front leg rest also can be pulled up, so that it shuts completely.  My son likes that sometimes, as he likes to rest his feet on the bumper bar, and I don’t have to worry about his toys rolling out.

I also saw someone once move the cover to the front of the stroller resting against the bumper bar, and open in the back with the front flaps up, and the back down, so it’s like a bassinet, so you can see your kid.

8) It’s narrow enough

BIG trees grow in the sidewalks here, and I have to squeeze between them and the wall, and I can get through. Enough said.

9) It’s cooler than a wrap/carrier

I have a Moby wrap and a Ergo carrier.  I loved both of them.  The Moby I really recommend when they are newborns.  It is soooo snuggly they love it, and just snuggle right in.  It’s also comfy for me, but it can get super hot, so I usually just wore a tank underneath it, and wore it like a t-shirt.

The Ergo carrier I got is the sport one– recommend that for Brazil.  And while riding the train and the bus is nicer when you have the carrier, it also can get hot.  You also can’t carry as much

10) If you’re walking everywhere in Brazil, it’s a great carrier

Yeah, I use my stroller to carry stuff all the time.  When I go the feira, the stroller’s underneath area (this one’s not too big, but it’s definitely big enough!) holds all of my veggies and fruits.  Same thing when I go to the grocery store.  In fact, I usually have a bag or two hanging from the handles too as I push the cart home. Once, I knew I had a bunch, so my kid rode to the feira in the stroller, with the baby carrier underneath, then I loaded the thing up with food, and put him into the carrier. Shameful I know!

11) It is sturdy and has good balance

I’ve never tipped this stroller. I hang my diaper bag, or grocery bags on the handles all the time and not once has my stroller tipped.  EVEN if there isn’t a kid in the stroller.


If you like BIG storage areas, the under area isn’t huge.  For me it’s big enough.

The wheels squeak sometimes when struggling with a really slanted sidewalk.  I’ve seen this elsewhere online.

It’s heavier than an umbrella stroller (but it’s not too heavy and I’ve never had a problem lifting it into my trunk), the new model is like 20lbs.

It’s kind of expensive (buy an old model online)

The new strollers colors aren’t as fun as the old ones! My stroller is orange and turquoise, and I love it!


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  1. Wow – I’ve never heard of this brand. It looks very similar to our Bugaboo Bee – which is horrible!! We are on our third – they’ve sent us two new ones because of all the problems. Sounds like this has all the benefits of the Bee without all the nightmares. Congratulations!

  2. looks very similar to the Pre Perego Aria, which is what I used. Has much of the same features you discuss here and a bit less pricey.

    • I can’t remember why, but I didn’t want the Aria at the time. But yes similar and lighter (which does mean more breakable plastic so that’s a trade off), which can be big bonuses for some.


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