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And there went the power

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Power went out last week… and it came back about 12 hours later.  You can read it in Portuguese here.  In summary, 266 trees fell in Sao Paulo, 70 of them in streets and 2 of them right down from where we live. And 30 traffic lights were out.  I love storms, so I guess Sao Paulo is the place for me! In the summer time it rained heavily, in crazy pouring sheets that I could watch flow down the street.  Last week it was winter storm time with heavy winds.  The husband called to let me know the power was out at work, and I let him know everything was fine at home.  I spoke too soon as 4km into his drive (or about an hour in) the power went out.  Yeah that’s right 4km in an hour.  Traffic is bad in Brasil, so take out a few traffic lights and it’s a nightmare.

Photo: AE

My father had bought us two LED solar powered lanterns, which have been great toys that don’t require batteries for my son, so we just turned them on when the power went off.

Because the stove is gas we were able to cook rice, and I had a container of beans defrosting on the counter, so we had beans and rice for dinner, which was great if I don’t say so myself.  Because our house has no heating.. none. nothing. squat. and there is no insulation. none.nothing.squat. I can’t say the house became unbearably cold due to the power outage, because it’s already unbearably cold.  But this fact mean that none of the food in the fridge went bad.  See there is always a silver lining!

Like most, our apartment does have a generator, and it kicked on right away.  But I think as a precaution so that we could use the electricity for the security of our building over night, they didn’t kick it in for us.  Back in LA our building lost power for a long stretch once and we used an extension cord from our fridge to the hallway, which was being powered.  It was the same way here.  We plugged our cell phones and laptops into the hallway and we were good to go.

Really when you think about it, we’re lucky with technology today.  My husband has internet via usb and I have a smartphone.  For hot water in the am, we just boiled a large pot of water… just enough for my son to take a bath… not quite convenient for washing hair as an adult.  But either way, I think we could have survived longer.


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