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Festa Junina- the Brazilian Summer Solstice… in the Fall

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So it’s technically Fall here in Brasil… not that it looks like Fall with beautiful orange and yellow leaves everywhere.  But it certainly FEELS like Fall in this house with no heating or insulation (yeah with all the wonders of technology, Brasil hasn’t picked up on this as standard operating procedure yet).  So as it’s Fall, it is Fall festival time.. or Festa Junina– June Festival, which is basically the Summer Solstice festival that would be celebrated in the other hemisphere.  Of course all things pagan are tied to religion along the way, so it’s also the celebration of St. John. As it’s Fall here, it’s much more of a harvest festival with lots of fallish food. Did I mention food and dance were a big part of this festival?? In fact when I asked Brasilians what the point of this party was, all they could say was .. food, dancing, plaid shirt and straw hats.

The mention of food got me interested.  Learning that I got to dress my kid up like a little goof ball sealed the deal. Yep, that’s right people dress up like good ‘ole farm boys, with straw hats, and plaid shirts, and freckles on the face and dance the quadrille.  They also play games, and like all parties for children here, there was also a bounce house and trampoline– seriously if kids are coming to an event there’s gonna be a bounce house.

Foodwise there are lots of peanut dishes.  Pe de Muleke .. I guess “rascal feet” or something like that. Basically just peanuts and brow sugar.  Lots of muled grapey cider, and corn bread which comes in two forms Fuba bolo and Milho Verde…which is the sweeter of the two.

I think my son liked dressing up as well, as he usually rips hats right off his head, but he let us totally doll him up.. and take like 100 photos while being a total goof ball.  He also crawled into the bounce house…which is where he stopped.. at the entrance but he did sit there and bounce up and down on all fours, until we pulled him out so the rest of the kids could enter.  I’m chalking that up as pretty smart since he’s a teeny kid, and that had to be the safest place in the bounce house.

And of course, since this is my first kid, I’m allowed to put together goofy montage videos of him making silly faces.  So here goes!



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  1. It’s not a lack of technology but simply the fact that Brazil is cold for like 10 minutes every year, so people use small space heaters for those actual 10 minutes of cold weather 🙂


  2. 🙂 Maresias is warm and sunny 😉

  3. OMG – he is gorgeous! And very patient. I usually lose Sophia after a couple photos.


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